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Spanking Advice - How to Spank Safely

whip with 2 books and 'empower' card

Spanking is an activity that many folks enjoy. Unfortunately, we've seen all sorts of unsafe behaviour. Many assume it's about hitting as hard as possible and preferably without the receiver knowing it's coming. A bit of a sharp "surprise"!

This kind of behaviour will most likely result in the person cracking the whip against an unsuspecting partners backside never being allowed to spank again. Which would be fair.

However, spanking is incredibly erotic when done correctly - and the receiver will most likely want more!

Read on for our advice and tips for spanking safely and sensually.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to spanking

First of all, our advice is to always practice on a pillow before going anywhere near a human being's beautiful, tender skin.

Then test the sensations on yourself so you are aware of the sensations you will be administering. The paddle, crop or whip may be softer or stingier than you realize, so it's essential you know what you'll be dishing out.

Spanking paddle with cut-out heart in black and red

Heart Tawse

Safe Spanking Areas

Practicing on inanimate objects helps you become confident of being able to strike only the safe areas of the body and protect the vulnerable spots.
  • Well-padded areas such as buttocks, thighs and upper arms are safe for spanking/whipping.

  • Joints or bony areas are not safe for spanking/whipping, so protect the neck, spine, backs of knees, elbows, shins, rib cage and pelvis.

  • Avoid areas of the body which shield major organs like the kidneys (lower back) and stomach.

  • Facial cheeks are the only area of the head that can be safely slapped as long as the neck and jaw are supported.

  • Vulnerable areas like the ears, nose, mouth and eyes should never be hit.

  • Breast-spanking/slapping in moderation is ok, as long as your partner is not pregnant, nursing, prone to cysts or has silicone implants.

spanking crops
Spanking Crops

Know your spanking implements

Classic Tawse
heart-shaped spanking paddle in red leather
Heart-shaped Paddle
shaped spanking paddle in pink leather with a black handle
Shaped Paddle

Get your spanking-timing right

For sensual spanking, getting your timing right is key.

Pain thresholds rise directly in line with arousal (the more turned-on they are, the more spanking they can take), so our advice is to never rush a good spanking.

Be creative with spanking sensations

Contrasting sensations work well when building arousal, as well as magnifying the sensitivity of your lover’s skin.

The soft fur side of the shaped paddle is perfect for stroking over smarting buttocks.

Also, try delivering light kisses to stinging thighs or rubbing ice over the rosy glow of freshly spanked skin will all build skin sensitivity and bodily arousal.

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whip with 2 books and 'empower' card
Spanking Advice - How to Spank Safely

Spanking is an activity that many folks enjoy. Unfortunately, we've seen all sorts of unsafe...

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