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Top 5 Toys for Valentine's Day

Top 5 Toys for Valentine's Day

Maybe we're stating the obvious here, but Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite days of the year. A day for lovers, couples, throuples… Whatever your coupled up status is, Valentine's is a day for celebrating each other and your love for one another. We’re into that!

Valentine’s Day has become a commercial day with expectations running high and wallets running dry when, in reality, it’s often the small gestures that count the most. A kiss and a cutesy card are great and we’d be very happy with that, but let’s be honest… A night of sizzling sex with some new toys would have us glowing for days!

If you want a Valentines night to remember, you’ll need to put some thought into it. Luckily this is what we do best, and we’ve put together a list of our favourite products for this Valentine’s Day.

Orgie Orgasm Drops

We feel weak at the knees at the mere mention of the Orgie Orgasm Drops. The unique infusion of essential oils has been designed to quiver your clit, and as a little goes a very long way, the orgasms will keep coming.

One or two drops applied onto the pearl o’ pleasure is all it takes; massage in and feel the heat start to grow. From here, you can get up to anything you fancy…

Slow Sex Warming Massage Oil

If you love to give – or receive – erotic massages, you’ll love the Slow Sex warming massage oil. Formulated to create warming sensations, this oil is super-sensual to use. Oozing out like a gel, it sets into the skin as a coconut-scented oil as you rub it in.

A massage can be a wonderful treat in itself, or you can use it to build anticipation and arousal for what’s to come (the two of you!). The only thing to remember is that massage oil isn’t great for the vag, so make sure to keep the slick oil away from the vulva.

Slow Sex warming massage oil has not been tested on animals, contains only natural ingredients and comes presented in 100% recyclable packaging so you can feel really good whilst you feel really good if you catch our drift...

Sleek G-Spot Vibrator

If you fancy buzzing thrills for V-Day, the Sleek G-spot Vibe is an excellent choice. Sleek and stylish, this rechargeable vibe will tickle your pickles with 10 sexy modes and mid-rumble vibrations.

The Sleek G-spot Vibe is fully waterproof so you and your boo can lock yourselves into the bathroom and make sweet love under a mountain of romantically scented suds... (This is trickier than you might think and bubble baths aren’t great for the vagina so maybe stick to a hot shower).

Fun Factory Manta

Looking for a peen-pleasing pressie this Valentine’s? Check out this vibrating sleeve from Fun Factory. Looking mildly mythical, the grooved wings transmit buzzes onto the lucky shaft snug inside. Not only that but they are designed to ensure that any lube you add spreads evenly and lasts longer. Efficient and sexy.

If you are performing oral sex on a Valentine’s D, tackle the legend of the “deep throat” head-on by involving your lubed-up Mantra. Place the sleeve at the base of their VIP member and do your thing…

We-Vibe Chorus Remote Control Vibe

We've kept it fairly purse-friendly so far, but it's time to throw in a luxe option for those of you who like to go all out when it comes to sexy gifts.

We-Vibe Chorus has been designed to deliver extra sensation during penetrative play, controlled by a touch-sensitive, squeezable remote control. Yes, that means as you tighten your grip in delight, the intensity of the toy’s vibrations increases. It’s quite the orgasmic crescendo!

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Sex Toy

In a sultry purple hue (different to the pink as pictured), the Chorus couples’ vibrator adjusts to your body shape for a secure fit. With the smaller end slipping inside the vagina and the larger end sitting on the clitoris, it’s the perfect fit for extra-pleasurable vaginal penetration.

Now, whilst the designer has vagina & penis couples in mind when creating Chorus, there is no reason two vulva-owners can’t enjoy it together. Slip the smaller end inside the vagina as per the instructions above…

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovers!

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