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Lovely Legs: Stockings & Hosiery

Lovely Legs: Stockings & Hosiery

Many of our customers love to slip into a pair of silky stockings or have partners who love nothing better than to admire nylon-clad legs. As far as fetishes go, hosiery is a common one. Luckily, it’s an easy fetish to satisfy. A love for stockings can be about wanting to watch or touch someone's legs in stockings, wearing hosiery or enjoying the rich scent of a lover's well-worn nylons.

Whether you want to wear luxury hosiery for yourself or for an adoring partner, here’s our quick guide to getting your legs looking their best.

Classic Nylon Stockings

Classic nylon stockings have many fans. We know plenty of stocking-lovers who go weak at the knees just thinking about stroking their hands along a leg wearing a particular style of hosiery.

Classic nylon stockings typically have less elastane, which means they won’t fit as well if you get the size wrong. There can be some wrinkling or a bit of gathering around the ankles.

Nylon stockings need to be paired with a suspender belt, which:

  • Holds them up
  • Creates a gorgeous retro glamour look

Suspender belts can come with 2, 4, 6 or 8 suspender straps. Generally, the more straps, the better the stockings will be held up.

If you want to wear stockings and a suspender belt during sex, we recommend slipping your panties on over the belt. This way, your frillies can easily be slipped off without having to unclip the stockings!

Hold-Ups / Thigh High Stockings

Hold-ups, or thigh-highs, are stockings that hold up by themselves. They are designed with a thick band at the top, usually hidden under decorative lace, which keeps the hosiery up.

Your thighs must be free from oils and body lotions to ensure the hold-ups get enough “grip” on your thighs. It’s also good practice to walk around indoors with your new thigh-highs on before going out. A member of our team once made the mistake of buying cheap hold-ups and ended up with them hanging around her ankles before the day was over…


We're huge fans of bodystockings for events or nights out. They're easy to slip on, teams with pretty much anything and they're usually crotchless! This is personal preference, but we favour the fishnet bodystockings. These stretch much better over lumps and bumps, and they look incredibly sexy on!

How to size stockings

Getting hoisery size right can be tricky. Just like a short person with short-person legs may end up with too much stocking, a tall person blessed with extra long legs may end up with not enough. We have lost count of the times we have purchased a pair of stockings or tights only to find the waist too tight or the legs too short/long.

The best thing with stockings is that you can still make this work. If you've got longer legs, just wear the stokings lower - as long as they go above the knee, you'll still look hot AF. It may not be ideal, but you'll still get your leg over, as it were... If the stockings are long and you're short, don't stretch them all the way out, and wear them close to the top of your thigs. Again, you'll look hot and definitely good enough to eat!

Each product page has a techical info tab. Here, you'll find as much info as we have on the hoisery.

As you can see, One Size stockings aren’t generous in size. If you’re curvy or have gorgeously curvy legs, make sure to order plus size as it'll be a better fit. This also goes the other way around: Avoid ordering plus/queen size if you’re petite.

Pro Tip: Quick Fix

If you happen to snag a nail or get a small tear in your hosiery, you can quickly fix it with a small amount of clear nail varnish around the edges of the rip. If you have long or sharp nails, we recommend popping on a pair of latex gloves while stepping into your stockings. This helps avoid any mishaps.

Browse all our stockings & hoisery here!

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