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Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Jelly

Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Jelly
Firstly, we don't stock sex toys made from jelly material. We decided to remove jelly toys from our shelves many years ago, as they contain chemicals known as 'phthalates.' However, other sex toy companies still sell jelly toys, so we should mention the material even if we don't sell or use it ourselves.

The pros of jelly toys are that they are soft & squishy, cheap to buy and very colourful.

The downside to jelly sex toys is that they contain phthalates to a greater or lesser degree. Jelly is a porous material, so however carefully you clean a jelly toy after use, it will never be 'squeaky clean.' It cannot be disinfected, and lube and body fluids collect in the tiny pores. This build-up can eventually lead to a vaginal infection like Bacterial vaginosis.

Jelly material breaks down over time, so sex toys have a limited life span. This material can contain latex, so it's not for folks with a latex allergy.

How to identify a jelly sex toy

Jelly sex toys are usually translucent, with tiny bubbles running through the material. Jelly is a soft, squishy material, a mix of PVC and phthalate softeners. PVC is safe, but phthalates, though widely used in mainstream cosmetics, have raised health concerns.

Not all jelly sex toys are made the same. Different grades of PVC/phthalates are used in adult toy manufacturing. The more phthalates in the material, the more your toy will give off an overpowering smell. The toy will also feel oily when you touch it.

Care & cleaning of jelly sex toys

If you own a jelly toy, we recommend covering it with a condom during use. 

Use water-based lube only with jelly toys. Silicone-based lube will sink into the porous material and cause a build-up of bacteria. 

Clean with mild soap and water (harsh soaps/washing up liquid can start to dissolve the surface). Better still, use a special toy cleaner like Sh! Toy Cleaner and be meticulous to be sure the toy’s absorbent surfaces are clean. Dry thoroughly and store in a cool, dry, fluff-free place, away from sunlight and other toys. 

Jelly toys can react weirdly with sunlight and other sex toys, causing the surface to melt and fuse with other toys.

Better still, treat yourself to a new sex toy here! 

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