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Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Elastomer, TPR & TPE

Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Elastomer, TPR & TPE

Elastomer is a soft, safe sex toy material without phthalates.

The word elastomer comes from two terms: 

  • 'Elastic' - describing the material's quality to return to its original shape
  • 'Mer' - from polymer meaning "many parts"

Sex toys made from elastomer share many of the same positive qualities as jelly products but without the possible health concerns of phthalates. This is why we offer sex toys made from elastomer instead of jelly.

What is Elastomer Sex Toy Material?

Elastomer is a fairly new technology material, including Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR). 

Vibrators and other sex toys made from elastomer feel smooth, soft, and dry (unlike jelly toys that can feel sticky and tacky) and look glossy. Elastomer toys deliver fantastic sensations, especially if designed with tickly prongs that dance and move with vibrations.

But - as fabulous as this sex toy material is, there are downsides. 

Firstly, elastomer is porous. This means you have to be meticulous when cleaning an elastomer toy. Being porous also means that elastomer toys cannot be effectively disinfected, so avoid sharing with other people or between vaginal and anal play unless the toy is covered with a condom.

Secondly, soft elastomer toys seem to react weirdly with condoms. 

We tested this in our London store and found that the two materials started to fuse together. Granted we left the condom on for several days, so not really a true-to-life experiment, but it's worth noting. 

Elastomers start out soft and have hardeners added, and the firmer elastomer toys seemed perfectly ok with condoms. 

Elastomer toys tend to absorb natural juices, so ensure you have water-based lube on hand for your play session. 

Pros of Elastomer TPE/TPR 

Elastomer is free from phthalates and latex, so a safe material for sex toys. It is also hypoallergenic, so unlikley that you will be allergic to it.

Elastomer is most commonly used it higher-quality toys, which means that the sex toy motors are also usually better.

Elastomer is recyclable.

Cons of Elastomer TPE/TPR 

Elastomer toys can be pricey, certainly when compared to (lesser quality) jelly toys.

This material is porous, which means you can't disinfect your toy.

Elastomer may not be compatible with condoms and should not be stored next to sex toys made from other materials (especially jelly toys).

Care & Cleaning of Elastomer TPE/TPR

Clean your elastomer toy with gentle soap and warm water (harsh soaps can start to dissolve the surface). Better still, use a special toy cleaner like Sh! Toy Cleaner

Dry thoroughly and store in a cool, dry, fluff-free place away from sunlight and other toys.

Overall Verdict of Elastomer Material

Elastomer is a good choice for a soft, safe toy. Its super-stretchiness is unrivalled in other sex toy materials.

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