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How to Use a Prostate Massager

How to Use a Prostate Massager

Men and male-bodied folks have a sexy erotic pleasure spot inside their butts. This highly erogenous zone is the prostate - a walnut-sized gland comparable to the female-bodied G-spot.

Playing with the butt is no longer the taboo it used to be. It's now widely acknowledged that the anal area is one big pleasure zone for all genders. (About bloody time!)

The orgasmic rewards of prostate play are apparently MINDBLOWING (we say 'apparently,' as we can't experience this for ourselves!) We don't have the necessary equipment - a P-spot.

P-spot owners often describe prostate pleasure as a totally different sensation and often report their orgasms are much more intense than the solely penis-inspired kind. Some men need/enjoy their front bits stimulated, while others can orgasm from prostate massage only. 

Lots of lube + foreplay = pleasurable prostate play 

The body must be incredibly turned on before any penetrative anal play. It's not an area to 'slip into' - that tends to not end well, and you want the experience to be explosive for all the right reasons.

Most folk assumes anal sex has to hurt, but let us tell you: It should NEVER hurt. If anal penetration is painful, there isn't enough lube or arousal. You need anal lube and lots of time to build up to a sensual and orgasmic butt experience.

Start with an external massage of the anal sphincter and slowly work your way in. Lube and smooth nails are essential for this warm-up ass-fingering. Take your time and pay attention to the peen as well.

The anus will let you know it's ready for more. The internal sphincter will invite you in (it's true!), and this is when the prostate is growing and getting ready for attention.

It can be tricky to stimulate one's own prostate, and partners may have short fingers - leaving only one solution: Get a prostate massager!

How to use a prostate massager

Prostate massagers are sex toys designed to stimulate the P-spot. They are generally slightly longer than a finger to ensure they reach the internal hot spot.

P-spot massagers are designed with a front-facing curve. Aiming the curved tip toward the belly button (on the inside) ensures the toy follows the natural curve of the ass, eliminating accidental pain.

Sex toys designed for anal play have a wide base of handle to ensure all play is safe. 

Vibrating prostate massager in black with separate bullet
  • Laying on your/their back? Insert the lubed-up P-spot toy in a gently upwards curve.
  • On all fours? Insert the slippery massager with the tip pointing downwards.

    Rock the massager gently back and forth to stimulate the P-spot. The prostate gland will swell, harden and become more receptive to firmer stimulation.

    The erection may shrink, but this isn't anything to worry about. Sensation and focus have shifted to the back door, and pleasure is still very much set to high.

    If the massager offers vibration, now is the time to turn the buzz on.

    Start off with the lowest setting. The butt is very sensitive, and vibrations will feel far more intense in the tush. Keep rocking the massager back and forth, and find a rhythm that works.

    The orgasm may be very explosive when it comes - so enjoy!

    Top 3 most popular prostate massagers as chosen by our male/penis-owning customers

    O' Boy by British toy designers Rocks Off is our most popular prostate massager. Slimmest out of our prostate sex toy collection, the tip isn't bigger than a finger.

    Suitable for newbies, O' Boy gently increases girth, offering a slightly fuller feeling when fully in place. The flatter part sits comfortably in the "taint" - between the balls and the anus.

    O' Boy has a 7-speed version of the popular RO-Bullet, giving thrilling speeds and patterns to experiment with.

    A hand holding a black O'Boy prostate massager



    Njoy Fun Wand is a weighty stainless steel massager with a long handle for easy use. Use the slimmer end with three bulbs for warm-up and teasing - the opening and closing of the sphincter muscle feels so good - and try the larger bulb when you feel ready for more.

    Weighty toys are incredibly sexy and usually work very well for P-spots. Njoy Fun Wand is made from high-grade steel and can be sterilized.

    Njoy Fun Wand in stainless steel


    Lelo Loki is a luxury prostate massager. Super-stylish and so smooth in silicone, Loki has a bulbous design to ensure a feeling of fullness.

    Featuring 1 continuous speed and 5 different vibrating patterns, each with varying intensity, the Lelo Loki prostate massager delivers a climatic journey that reaches mind-blowing levels!

    Lelo Loki is for the more advanced player; the size can be a tad intimidating if you are new to anal play.

    Lelo Loki prostate massager

    Exploring different sensations with a prostate massager

    • Slowly and gently twist the massager roun
    • Try sensual rocking back & forth motion
    • Slide the prostate massager in & out

    Learn more about prostate pleasure here! 

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