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Who Needs Cuffing Season Anyway?

Who Needs Cuffing Season Anyway?
‘Cuffing’ season is officially upon us.
So, you may find that certain someone who’s flirting on the train, may well be inviting you to their work’s festive do, before you know it…
Not familiar with the term? Think handcuffing, but not in any sensual bondage way. There’s no actual cuffs involved and, be warned, no ‘safe word’ either.

Cuffing season is the phenomenon when singles suddenly want to settle down.

After a summer of free and single socializing, they realise that winter may not be as much fun alone and actively look for a partner to take them through the long nights and short days ahead.
looking-alarmedIt’s not just seasonal settling-down or snuggling-up that cuffers are looking to satisfy, either.
From Halloween right through to New Years Eve, through various office and Christmas parties, ‘tis the season of the ‘plus 1’ – how much easier to have someone on hand rather than ringing around for a date.
And whether it’s watching scary movies together, cosying-up next to the bonfire, having someone to take to granny’s Christmas dinner – for some peeps, winter demands a partner.
And, with someone (aka sacrificial lamb) in tow, all ‘when are you going to settle down?’ grilling at family events, is nicely deflected.
If you’ve noticed your love life taking an upturn recently; that you’re getting approached more in bars or old flings are suddenly getting back in touch, just be aware that cuffing season has got a name for itself for a reason!
There maybe a mingling of tongues at midnight on New Year’s Eve, but the clock striking twelve may also be the death toll for the future for the relationship.

Cuffing season pairings often have a short shelf life of around 6 months.

As spring rolls around, and the clocks go forward; your partner may also start looking forward… to single-life again.
It can be hard to resist the pressure of partnering-up, but we say winter demands a partner just as eggnog demands a grimace. TV adverts may be choc-full of canoodling couples choosing presents or their guaranteed Xmas delivery sofa. The park may be awash in pairings, walking hand in mittened hand. Someone maybe trying to tie you down, it doesn't mean you have to lie down…
Society may tell us that two’s better than one, but in reality *no* relationship is better than just any old relationship. Who wants to be an ‘other half’, when the whole doesn't add up to much?

Rather than rushing into a dead end relationship at this time of year, we say – who needs cuffing anyway?

You’re free, single and (though they may never admit it) you may just be the envy of a surprising number of your paired-up mates.
The dark winter nights are perfect to get better acquainted with your own pleasure.  No bad sex, no speedy, stolen moments hidden in the bathroom (ask the aforementioned mates above!) only long, self-indulgent sessions, with no-one to disturb you…

So, chuck out cuffing and welcome in the season of self-love instead

[caption id="attachment_22949" align="alignleft" width="246"]If you find orgasm illusive,  a vibrator can help by giving you confidence it will happen... If you find orgasm illusive, a vibrator can help by giving you confidence it will happen...[/caption]
If you have trouble reaching orgasm during sex with a parter ( and many women do) this is a good time to step away from your normal solo technique and discover all the different pleasures your clitoris can give you.
Learning to orgasm with guaranteed success is all about learning to let go.
A vibrator can help the kick-start the process, but explore different positions and different hip-rolling movements too.

A relationship with your G-Spot is longer-lived and more satisfying than a cuffing season one!

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="200"]A glass dildo delivers the firm, massaging sensation your G-Spot will appreciate A glass dildo delivers the firm, massaging sensation your G-Spot will appreciate...[/caption]
If you haven't already located it with a certainty that beats a sat-nav, then this might be the perfect time to settle down and  find your G-Spot?  
It can be illusive and maybe even a little moody, refusing to come out to play, but nights of exploring will not only be fun, they'll also be educational.
And what about  learning to squirt? 
Many women who do female ejaculate tell us that they felt embarrassed the first time it happened with a parter.
Taking time-out to explore and get accustomed to, the unique sensations could be a silly season well spent.

And, of course! It's the perfect season to curl up with a good book...

[caption id="attachment_29496" align="alignleft" width="300"]Reading erotica can give you hot inspiration ideas - and even hotter fantasies! Reading erotica can give you hot inspiration ideas - and even hotter fantasies![/caption]
As well as being hot read (one that you may find is a one-handed page-turner!) reading erotica is brilliant for two reasons, beyond just being arousing, of course
- Erotica is a great way to add to your fantasy repertoire. Despite what's shown in the movies, lots of women  fantasize in order to tip them over the edge, both alone and with a partner.
So reading a scenario that really sizzles your griddle is fab for storing away to bring out later, with your eyes closed and the images hot in your head...
- Erotica maybe fantasy but there's LOTS of ideas to be had. Spending your winter evenings reading  in front of the fire  can help fire up future sex sessions. Take imaginative and creative sexy scenes, gleaned form within the pages and try them out!
Our favourite book of the season is Best Women's Erotica 2015 - read our review here

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