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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day
March 31 is all round a big day; there’s the International Transgender Day of Visibility, the last day of Spring and who could forget – Mothering Sunday!
Whether you’re a baby mama, a bunny mama or a domme mama this is a day for you only. Forget about those dirty nappies, hutches and sub minds and be as selfish as you like.
Put your feet up with your favourite erotic tale and try out one of our bestselling toys…

Baby Mamas

We have so many parents coming into our shop complaining about the negative effects that having babies can have on your sex life – whether that’s alone or with a partner(s). You’re more tired, you’re busier and above all, you have less time. This point precisely is when we introduce to you the Zumio. Armed with a precision tip vibrator that seems to resemble some form of purple silicone dentistry, this sex toy is unique in more ways than one.
First conceived through the inspired mind of a single mother of three, the Zumio was designed and created by an entire team of women. With circular motioned masturbation a popular hit amongst vulva owns, the spiro-tip dances circles around the clitoris faster and more efficiently than you could imagine. In fact, Zumio took this one step further by conducting studies to back up their claims of a speedy orgasm. Out of a participant group whose age range spanned from 21-60+ a massive 89% climaxed in under five minutes. Time is money, people. This toy is crazy efficient – buy it here.

Bunny Mamas

What more could a bunny mama want than a state of the art rampant rabbit or a delightfully cute, bunny-eared vibrator falling onto her lapin?
The beauty of rabbits is that they’re designed to incur blended orgasms – in other words, they stimulate your two favourite spots simultaneously. With traditional bunny ears that wobble and shake around the clitoris in a delightfully hoppy fashion, is enough to seal the deal. Meanwhile, a rabbit means that you can have a rotating, beaded or curved shaft designed to internally ravish your G-Spot. Bunnybelievable!

Domme Mamas

Being this damn strict does not come so easy to everyone. Why not have some time off from your subs and devote an entire day to your devilish self? We have a new range of Maze rubber harnesses in stock that are designed for utter tantalization. Or, our on-site leather queen has hand-stitched some leather and rubber O-Ring chokers to add a regally bondage seal of approval on any wearer’s neck.  
Or perhaps you want to hang up your tawse spanker for the day and instead, leisurely swathe yourself in lilac lace – in which case, check out this chemise by Coquette...
 Happy Mothers Day! 

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