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My Vagina Writes a Tinder Advert

My Vagina Writes a Tinder Advert
At Sh!, we discuss all aspects of sex openly and frequently, and recently we found ourselves sharing online dating experiences in general and Tinder experiences in particular.

For those unfamiliar with Tinder, it is a virtual wonder of swiping left & right until you find a suitable match - hot hookups made in smartphone heaven!

If you're not looking to be swept down the aisle - or even off your feet - hookups are the way to go. Getting laid by a Tinder date is much like a shagtastic McD: quick, satisfying and instantly forgettable. It requires little effort and you can get up & go at a moment's notice. What's not to love? Being the forward-thinking, feminist women we are, we all agreed we want our vaginas to experience first-class swiping only (with lube obv), so we decided to ask our muffs what they're really looking for. They are, after all, an essential part of our torrid shenanigans...

Dear Vag, what are you looking for in a potential hook-up?

A classic tall, dark & handsome lover perhaps? Or maybe a career-focused individual with own tech-company and strong spending power? Or - oooh - a bedhead with a husky voice and well-developed vocabulary? As it turned out, our vaginas are not so discerning... One claims to be "Open 24/7!" and another is looking for a fine dining experience with "Likes Eating Out" as its hook... download

"Short-haired minx. Enjoys purring, licking and being stroked in front of a roaring fire on a winter's night... No tom pics please."

download "They say you are what  you eat and everyone calls me a pussy..." Our vaginas are bold (bald, in some cases), brave & badass, cheeky mares demanding pleasure at the drop of a pair of panties - who even knew?!

We'd love to hear what your vag or peen has to say - drop us a comment below and we'll share the best ones on Twitter!


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