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Top 3 Sex Trends in 2017

Top 3 Sex Trends in 2017 - Sh! Women's Store
The world of sex is one that is always evolving, and we are always excited to discover new toys (often), new positions (less often) and all sorts of excellent tips & tricks for getting off.
Sex may not seem like something that should be 'trendy' but much like the latest pubic hair style (fluffy, if you're asking - it's cold!) or knickers (tummy-hugging - still cold!), different types of sex goes in and out of fashion.
2017 has been a particularly juicy year for sexual discovery, but we have managed to narrow it down to three major trends during 2017 - check it out:

Men Enjoy Anal Stimulation

Going by what our customers are asking about, it seems to us that men are becoming more open to the idea of having their back entrances played with.
However, when journalist and all-round badass Violet Fenn recently wrote an article about pegging, readers of Metro were quick to shut down the notion that the prostate gland could indeed be a pleasurable body part, with one reader suggesting Ms Fenn should be sacked for such an outrageous suggestion. We, of course, salute Violet & Metro for their ballsy approach - and not just coz we're in the article! :p
‚ÄėPegging‚Äô is a term that has been used for some years now, originating in the¬†U.S (take that, Mr President!), and it has slowly made its way over here. By definition, pegging is when a woman wears a strap-on and anally penetrates her partner with the dildo. It may not be for everyone, but we can reveal that more couples than ever are getting their¬†rocks off this way.
Our Vibrating Strap On Dildo Kit (below) has everything you need to get started, so why not see the year out with a bang and try something new?
Best Pegging Dildo Set

Suction Sex Toys Are Blowing Minds

You might have read the word suction and have been instantly put off, but bear with us:  these marvellous air tech toys have been true showstoppers in the world of sex toys of 2017.
Suction sex toys feature a small, round-ish silicone tip that nestles around the clitoris, creating a rumbling effect with vacuum-style suction for quick, high-intensity orgasms. With 8000 nerve-endings at the very tip of the clit, these toys offer incredibly pleasurable stimulation and are very reliable for banging orgasms.
We sent a member of staff home with a couple of different designs, as we wanted an unbiased comparison between market-leaders Womanizer and Satisfyer Pro (it's a hard job, but someone gotta do it!). Read her post on the differences between the Womanizer vs Satisfyer Pro here.
If you're looking for something slightly smaller and cuter looking, we recommend taking a look at Satisfyer Pro Penguin Clitoral Suction Toy below.

Beyond the Binary

'They' are becoming more common as 'her' or 'him' doesn't feel right for everyone, and is often seen on social media profiles to ensure correct pronoun be used. It will take a while yet, but maybe it's time to introduce a specific word like the Swedish "hen" (which fits in nicely with hon/her and han/him).
A large portion of our shop customers identifies as queer in its newer meaning (it has evolved from 'gay' or 'lesbian' to encompass a wider reference of gender and/or sexuality) and we expect this group will continue to grow.
The term ‚Äėpansexuality‚Äô has been used a lot this year and it seems we are reaching a point where more people feel comfortable being attracted to a person regardless of their gender. We realise this could be a result of cosmopolitan living and it may not be the case where you live; input from non-Londoners would be interesting.

We have always been big advocates of fluid sexuality and we're embracing this new wave of acceptance and exploration of gender. Let's hope there is plenty more in store for 2018!

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