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MOT your Sex life with Clare Staunton

MOT your Sex life with Clare Staunton - Sh! Women's Store

Clare Staunton is a psychosexual & relationship therapist. She provides counselling to clients with issues in the nookie department, or more widely in their relationship. Clare is a general member of COSRT and runs a private practice in West London ( She has worked in sexual and emotional health with different client groups at Terence Higgins Trust, Haven, Living Well, Bishop Creighton House and the NHS.

Clare Staunton 1There are many terms that could be applied to what Clare does; sex therapy, sex counselling, couples counselling, couples therapy, or psychosexual therapy.

Clare has always been fascinated by people and understanding why we are the way we are in relationships, whether sexual or not:

“I’m a natural listener, but also pretty open-minded when it comes to sex and I’ve never really had a problem talking about it.  It’s a huge privilege to be a counsellor of any sort, but in this particular field it can be even tougher for clients to find their way to see someone – sitting there talking about lack of erections, or the fact that you’ve never been able to get something in your vagina is really putting yourself out there.

It can be painful and frustrating when your relationship isn’t what you’d like it to be. When there are bills to pay, jobs to maintain, kids to sort, grandparents to deal with, or nights out to be organized – your relationship may not be a top priority.

There are many reasons why people might come to Sh! I believe many of the customers want to create a ‘richer’ sex life for themselves – whatever level they’re at.  I think that’s the same reason for why people come to sex therapy – it’s just not working out as you might like it to be.

Reasons for a visit to Sh!, or a sex therapist, may include fear of intimacy, vaginismus, painful sex, low desire or anorgasmia. Women who come to see us may have experienced trauma, been told sex or masturbation is wrong, or just want to learn a bit more about themselves. I look at the deeper reasons why that might be, and allow a client to explore that. I’ll try to help them to facilitate changes when they are ready.”

Clare is running a one-off workshop at Sh! on February 21st.  If you and your partner would like to explore why sex isn’t working for you, please contact Clare HERE

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