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Meet London Faerie & Claire Black!

Meet London Faerie & Claire Black! - Sh! Women's Store

We are very excited to have London kinksters Faerie and Claire on our blog today ~ they are both experienced Ecstatic BDSM practitioners and we are really looking forward to their class Your Kinky Cherry right here at Sh! Hoxton tomorrow night at 7pm.


Faerie and Claire, we have a few questions for you:


  1. So, who are you and how did you get into kink?


Faerie: I am a practitioner and teacher of Ecstatic BDSM, working around the UK and in parts of central Europe. I believe that many of us limit our capacity for bliss by not embracing the darker parts of our sexuality, and by not following our joy in all areas of our lives. (Especially in our love lives). My passion is to enable people to open up and experience more, through Ecstatic BDSM and personal growth coaching.


The reason I feel strongly about this, and know a lot about it, is that it’s a path I have walked for a long time. I came to BDSM in my late 20s, when I was unhappily married and not in touch with many aspects of my self and my sexuality. I have spent the last 10 years exploring, discovering and opening myself up – and now it is my pleasure and honour to share this work with others.


If you want to know more about me, you can read about my journey here:


Claire: I am a Pro Domme who practices and teaches Ecstatic BDSM. In my mid teens I felt dissatisfied with straightforward sex and was sure there must be more to it, so my curiosity brought me to BDSM where I instantly found a lot of joy. Following this route I discovered that if deep presence and awareness were added it became much more potent. For me this has been a very healing path, as well as one of much bliss, love and connection. I endeavour to show people that BDSM can be all this and more, far removed from the cultural stereotypes attached to it.


  1. We saw on your website that you practice Ecstatic BDSM ~ what does that mean, exactly?


Ecstatic BDSM is a practice we developed together: a unique infusion of BDSM, shamanic healing, Tantra and personal development, designed to help you expand your bliss and feel more alive. It is a powerful way to bring your deepest and darkest fantasies to light.


Faerie: One of the most important things about Ecstatic BDSM, for me, is the quality of presence that we bring to our work. Presence means being nowhere else but the here and now. Normally a lot of my attention is focussed elsewhere: thinking about the past and worrying about the future. When I bring more of my awareness to the present moment, my capacity to connect and be intuitive increases tenfold. I can really be with what is happening here and now, and this is very powerful.


Claire: Presence is vitally important in Ecstatic BDSM, as Faerie mentioned, and when you do this whilst playing with toys such as floggers, canes, hands, fur (and a lot more), dancing around that line where pleasure and pain meet, it feels absolutely incredible. Your body creates all kinds of chemicals that make you feel happy, loved and held. It becomes a safe place to physically express yourself and how you feel in that moment.


  1. You’ll be presenting your class Your Kinky Cherry at Sh! on Wednesday 12th September ~ what should we expect??


We are really excited to bring this class to Sh! for the first time. You can expect to hear a little about BDSM and a little about us, then to watch a 20-30 minute scene where we take two subs into an ecstatic trance. We’ve done this demo quite a few times, and the audience is always amazed by how much they ‘get’ it when they see it.


After the demo we look at the anatomy of the scene and open to questions from the floor. It’s a great, low-risk way to learn more about BDSM generally, and our practice in particular.


  1. Who is the class for?


The class is for anyone with an interest in BDSM, and is particularly well suited to people who are new to this area of sexuality. It is also great for those who are experienced in BDSM but are looking for something a bit ‘extra’.


  1. We’ve had a few emails from concerned customers: will guests have to take their clothes off?


This workshop is not at all hands-on – as guests you’ll simply be watching, listening and asking questions. You won’t have to take your clothes off – you have to pay quite a bit more to attend one of our participatory courses!


  1. Anything else we should know before booking a ticket?


Two things:

·         Everyone’s A Bit Scared The First Time, and

·         It seems to be selling quite well, so do book soon to ensure you get a place!


Faerie and Claire ~ thank you so much for talking the time to talk to us, we can’t wait for tomorrow night now! And if *you* want to joins us, give us a call on 0207-613 54 58 to book your ticket.



Read more about Faerie and Claire here:


London Faerie:

Claire Black:

Sacred Pleasures (our joint venture):

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