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Free Erotica - Poetry by Lisa Davies

Free Erotica - Poetry by Lisa Davies - Sh! Women's Store

Welcome to Free Erotica Friday

Every Friday we give you FREE erotica from some of the very best authors in the world of erotic fiction.
This week we are extra thrilled, seeing as today’s author is none other than our good friend, and former Sh! staffer, Lisa Davies!
Lisa is a long-standing supporter of our female-focused ethos and it’s always a delight to see her.
Over to you, Lisa!

I am displaying my poems in Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium throughout July, the theme is love and sexuality.
I have had a poem published called Fireflies and Glitter that is about coming out as a gay woman in an anthology called Queer Episodes published by Little Episodes. Buy your copy here.
Here is a taster of my poems exhibited in July, I hope you enjoy them.
sunlight throws hazel light into the forest
sorcery starts
shimmering genuine eyes
mouth stupendous beauty
soft moist
sound melodic
standing between sunset and stream
laugh unprecedently beautiful
entrances me its rhythms
balmy evening
hair stunning kite
white bows
nerves seized me
swiftly melted
lead out the dirty city
splendid garden
close presence
eighth wonder
hands tender
arms embraces
sweet tempting shoulder to wrist
every inch
dream come true
Michelangelo could not better
catch my breath
legs toes
bright cherries
radiance poured
lucky palms caress
depraves corrupts
aromatically tastefully
interconnected majesty
press lips together
touch my head
hold bicep
head on shoulder
take to bed
many times
thoughts redeemable
dissolved waiting
lucid reality
hear colours
universe beautiful
life lighter
impelled by desire
magnificent you
Public Displays of Passion
separated in lust
don’t hear a sound
artful dodger slinks
my immunity
peacekeeping mission
east west beats
paint dribbles down wall
sherpas lungs
resting in mountains
tender, guttural impulsive
feminist killjoy
gender political
flowing into you
inspiration enters me
a V shape of doves
soar to heavens
Show Stoppers
You described the breasts of your youth
developing budding
amplifying into proportion
feminine character
soft tender
maturing innocence still virtuous
incorruptible must be corrupted
surveying your clothed domes
I feel like a brute
I like that
my eyes loitering over your crevice
I look, you look, I look
enjoying them teeming out
our first summer together
open top convertible
I talk in abstract
you say I can’t see where your eyes are looking behind those sun glasses
I’m gorging on your chariots of splendour

Queer EpisodesJoin Lisa Davies and Little Episodes at Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium London store, next month for an evening of Sapphic Episodes - a celebration of all things female!
The night will be a chance to catch some of the hottest female comediennes and performance poets on the circuit in an intimate setting. Tickets are priced at £10 and include complimentary drinks and a copy of the book, Queer Episodes.
Queer Episodes is an anthology of poetry and prose to champion equality and understanding, celebrate identity and provide empathy and inspiration to anyone looking for a sense of belonging. A percentage of sales go to The Albert Kennedy Trust, an organisation that helps young LGBT people who are homeless or living in a hostile environment. The book includes contributions from AKT service users alongside those of more established writers.
Find out more about Little Episodes here.

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