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Enjoy Free Erotica at Sh! - Sh! Women's Store
Happy Shrove Tuesday Everyone! We are feeling rather jammy here at Sh HQ  - we are sat in the middle of a lovely pile of Valentine's goodies, we have a sold-out oral-treat class to look forward to tomorrow evening and a wholly different type of aural treats on Thursday evening - we have a fantastic line up of erotica authors setting the tone for a superbly hot Valentine's weekend with their hot, hot, hot stories! Zak Jane KeirBubbly & Cake, Kristina Lloyd, K D Grace, Elizabeth Coldwell, Elena Hexthorne and Special Guests will be at Sh! (57 Hoxton Square N1 6PB) from 6.30 pm (we recommend arriving at 6pm for a glass of fizz and great seat). There will of course be plenty of time for browsing tasty treats for your own super-sexy Valentine's Day celebration, and Team Sh! will be on hand with advice, help and cup cakes... Just for you, just for today, the sweet-as-honey authors are sharing some freshly whipped erotica to enjoy along with your stack of pancakes - enjoy!  

Our first dose of decadence is from Zak Jane Keir:

Bedroom BondageNow he was single again, though, he felt brave enough to take his first, tentative steps onto the fetish scene. He’d read just enough novels which depicted  kinky sexualities to give him the idea that it might be something he would enjoy, but had always known that it wouldn’t be something he could share with Amanda. Her tastes tended towards the gentle and sensual with vague overtones of romantic mysticism, which had been all right by Lee but somehow not quite enough. Perhaps he would find out who he really was by exploring his slow-burning fascination with whips, handcuffs, spanking and high-heeled footwear. At least, he hoped, he would have fun trying.
Well, if that tickled your tastebuds, then you should come hear more from Zak on Thursday evening!

Next up is Brighton's brightest belle, Kristina Loyd:

Valentine's day Dream Date Inside, I was tender and swollen from coming, and the thrust of his cock edged me to new heights. I felt loose and near delirious, my mind spinning strange trippy patterns as he pounded me. Soon, he grew more frantic and he clasped me above the elbows, lifting my upper body so it was at right angles to his. I jerked like a rag doll on the end of his cock, shuddering and shaking as he drilled like a man possessed. Moments later, he released a series of rough, exuberant grunts then peaked on a half roar of bliss, lodging himself deep as he shot his load. He held me there as he caught his breath before gently lowering me to the bed. He removed my gag first. I ran my tongue around my gums and waggled my jaw. “You okay?” He untied my wrists and stroked hair away from my face. “Was it good for you?”
For sure, Kristina - that was *great*! And we're looking forward to  a whole lot more...

K D Grace, American Glamazon and our very good friend, have shared this treat from Interviewing Wade:

love toys!At the moment when she should have given the man his privacy, at the moment when she should have turned and fled back to her room, he called out her name, and her heart started again, like something wild and angry trying to escape her chest. ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,’ she gasped. ‘Wade I didn’t mean to …’ her words died in her throat. ‘Wade?’ She stepped closer to see that his eyes were still closed. His consciousness was still somewhere in the dream world. She released a shaky breath as she realised the man was still sound asleep, even as he called her name again, even as he writhed against the tangle of sheets and worked his erection with a grip that had become white-knuckled with his need. He called her name! In his dreams she was doing this to him. With her pulse hammering so loudly she could barley hear, she tiptoed into the room and knelt next to the low cot. The muscles below her belly tightened in a gripping tremor and everything down deep in her centre felt heavy and swollen and humid like the seashore she could always smell when she lusted, though she could never recall lusting like this.
And if you are lusting for more, come hear K D read on Thursday evening!

Here's a real treat from Elizabeth Coldwell, an extract from Pride Under Fire:

Connor walked toward the bed, unbuttoning his shirt as he went. The man who waited for him there licked his lips as Connor tossed the garment to the floor, revealing his broad, tan chest. Late afternoon sun warmed the bedroom. Through the window, Connor caught a glimpse of a pretty, white-painted clapboard church with a high steeple. Trees surrounded it, their leaves thick and green. The tranquil countryside scene was so different from the view out of his own apartment, which looked onto one of Santa Monica’s busiest streets. “You live in a beautiful place,” he commented. The man shrugged. “True, but I didn’t bring you here to admire the view. Well, not that one, anyway.” Connor grinned. “Don’t get impatient.” Still, his companion was well worth a few moments’ admiration, with that killer combination of dark, glossy hair and soft blue eyes. Things had moved so fast. It seemed no sooner had Connor walked into the bar than he and this guy—had they even gotten as far as exchanging names?—were deep in flirtatious conversation. He didn’t normally go out looking to hook up with someone for sex, but tonight it had just felt right.
Want to hear what happens next? Join Elisabeth on Thursday evening...

We're especially excited to welcome Elena Hexthorn, a first-time reader at Sh! Here's a tempting treat from her story Sext Me:

dressing gownAccording to her phone, 32 minutes had passed when she heard her door bell ring. She was pleased about his decision to move quickly. So many men were happy to live in their heads. It was a rare breed that would take a risk. She found that an instant turn-on. She swung her high heeled latex boots over the side of the bath so that she could get out and answer the door. Donning a black satin robe, she walked to the front door. A young shy looking man with boyish good looks entered the hallway. She ushered him in and shut the door behind him. He stood looking at her awkwardly in the tiny hall. She looked him up and down with a pleased look on her face, but had no recollection of him from any clubs she may have been to recently. She parted her black satin robe to show him her naked body framed by her wet thigh length latex boots. ‘On your knees, boy,’ she demanded. The man dropped to his knees in the hallway. She knew they would be more comfortable in the lounge or bedroom, but she loved the psychology of not letting him get more than a foot in the door before he had to assume a submissive role. ‘Lick,’ she ordered; pointing to the tip of her boot.
Ooh, missus - we love a bossy lady!

Pouring BubblyAnd if you do too, you should join us for a fun evening of fizz, cake and erotic treats on Thursday 11th February at 6pm...


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