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Virtual Pyjama Parties with Sh!

Virtual Pyjama Parties with Sh! - Sh! Women's Store

Evie Fehilly

Step into clean pj's, grab a glass of your favourite beverage and join us for fun evenings in with some of our favourite people!

The Sh! pyjama parties are fun, friendly, educational & inspirational; everyone is welcome and best of all - they're free!

Hosted by Evie Fehilly, the online hang-outs last for about 30-60 minutes, depending upon how many questions you lovely folx have for our guests. You are most welcome to send us questions in advance (check our Instagram stories for question boxes) or share them live during the hang-out.

We'll update this page as we invite more fabulous peeps to join our virtual pj parties, so keep your eyes peeled for more info!

**Please note, as these are online live streams - just click on the Instagram @Shwomenstore Live Stream / IGTV to join!

Q & A with Evie Fehilly

WHEN: Friday 29th May at 1pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

Topic: Sex & Sex Toys

Regular customers will know Evie Fehilly as one of the fantastic Sh! sex educators who teach adult, educational classes to share tips & tricks for taking pleasure to the next level. This Friday Evie will be on hand to answer questions about sex, sexuality, & sex toys. Grab some lunch and join her!

DM all your burning questions for Evie to us at @Shwomenstore on Instagram and they'll be answered LIVE during this relaxed Friday lunchtime chat.

Evie Fehilly is a cabaret and theatre-maker from Birmingham, a graduate of theatre and clown at the prestigious Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, and, in the words of QX Magazine, “hilariously unhinged”.

Having honed her talents on the London cabaret scene, working with creators such as Caroline Horton, Ursula Martinez, Duckie, and David Hoyle, she is now producing some of the boldest and sharpest work in London.

Currently, Evie is working on a solo show about friendship and loneliness and was a founding member of Cabaret group Queerlective.

Evie wants to make people laugh and make people (well, mainly herself) feel a little bit better about the world.
Watch the screen recording here!

Past Events - Watch the Screen Recordings

Q & A with Sherryl Blu

WHEN: Friday 22nd May at 6.30pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

Sherryl Blu is a content creator on a mission to redefine sex education creatively. She is a radio presenter, YouTuber, podcaster, and erotic writer - check out Sherryl's World and Tinted Blu.

TOPIC: Sex & Body-Image

Questions to cover will be:

  • How important is body image when it comes to sex?
  • Are you a lights-on or lights-off kind of girl?
  • Body shaming when it comes to sex: Are men or women more likely to body shame other women?
  • Thiccer women having sex/positions/exploring/being adventurous
  • The link between positive body image and great sex and satisfaction.

DM your questions for Sherryl to us at @Shwomenstore on Instagram and they'll be answered LIVE during this chilled lockdown lunchtime chat!
Watch the screen recording here!

Q & A with Elyssa Rider

WHEN: Monday 18th May at 1pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

TOPIC: Sexual Health

Elyssa is an Education and Wellbeing Specialist for the UK's leading sexual health and wellbeing charity for young people. She trains professionals working with young people in sexual health and the surrounding topics. She also goes into schools, colleges, and universities to deliver sex education to young people directly.

DM your questions for Elyssa to us at @Shwomenstore on Instagram and they'll be answered LIVE during this chilled lockdown lunchtime chat!
Watch the screen recording here!

Q & A with Oli Lipski 

WHEN: Friday 15th May at 6.30pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

TOPIC: Sex Tech & Mental Health

As a graduate of Sexual Dissidence MA and History of Sexuality BA, Oli Lipski spent her degrees researching the intersections of gender, sexuality, and technology. Using queer and intersectional feminist methodology, she is driven to dismantle heteronormativity along with gender and racial bias within society, extending to the technology industry.

​DM your questions for Oli to us at @Shwomenstore on Instagram and they'll be answered LIVE during this chilled lockdown lunchtime chat! 

Watch the screen recording here!

Q & A with Dr Annabel Sowemimo of Decolonising Contraception Collective 

WHEN: Thursday 14th May at 6.30pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

Dr Annabel Sowemimo is a community sexual & reproductive health doctor and Founder of Decolonising Contraception, a community-based organisation created by people of colour (POC) working within Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH).

Dr Annabelle is a freelance writer with a regular column on where she writes about health inequalities and Decolonosing Healthcare. She is also a trustee for Medact charity.

“The formidable Audre Lorde once said ‘Your silence will not protect you’ and I try to live by that everyday. There is no choice but to speak about sex, our bodies, shame, stigma, marginalisation and taboo because being silent only reinforces the problems that already exist. If I didn’t then I’d only be suffering in silence and leaving others without the representation they deserve.” 

Watch the screen recording here!

Q & A with Hannah Witton

WHEN: Monday 11th May at 1pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

TOPIC: Masturbation

Join us for a lunchtime chat with Youtuber, Broadcaster & Author Hannah Witton!

Not shying away from any topic in relation to sex, pleasure & body-positivity, Hannah has been communicating and creating content over a diverse number of platforms for years. From Youtube, to podcasts, to her books; the award-winning Doing It and The Hormone Diaries, Hannah’s frank and open tone is something we can’t wait for her to bring to our Q&A session!

“Sex isn’t just about sex. It’s about self-esteem, shame, respect, connection and identity. It’s about money, politics, violence and the world. This is why sex positivity and talking openly about topics surrounding sex is so crucial – whether you have sex or not, it’s woven into the fabric of many aspects of our lives and we simply can’t ignore it.”

Watch the screen recording here!

Q & A with Nadia Deen 

WHEN: Friday 8th May at 6.30pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

TOPIC: Sex Toy Design & Self-Pleasure 1010

Nadia “orgasm whisperer” Deen is the founder of AM: Appointment; an uncensored platform offering extensive advice and tips for women and people with vulvae on how to achieve their best orgasm during self play… because orgasms... they’re not optional!

Ask questions about sex toy design and find out which one is right for you! 

A multidisciplinary British product designer, Nadia knows exactly what makes for a good orgasm, from your tips to your toys. Previously working at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium in Shoreditch and a Sexplain Ambassador, she studied Fashion Artefact for her Masters with a focus on female sexuality, fantasy and culture. She has dedicated the last few years of her career in encouraging women to invest time and practice in their solo sexual play, with the belief that pleasure is a luxury attainable for all.

When asked about her intentions with AM: Appointment, Nadia stated “ I want to revolutionise the narrative of female masturbation. I am building a community for women who want to or are already having the “bold conversation”  whilst feeling empowered to share and support other women in becoming experts of their own sexual pleasure.”
Watch the screen recording here!

Q & A with Kate Moyle

WHEN: Thursday 7th May at 6.30pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

TOPIC: Vaginismus

Kate Moyle is a registered Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist and Psycho-Sexologist. She is a regular media contributor on the subject of sex and relationships and has written for publications including The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, The Independent and more. She is a Therapist on BBC Three series Sex On The Couch and Director at The Thought House Partnership on Percy Street, a Private Therapy Practice for Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy.
Watch the screen recording here!

Queer Workshop with Evie Fehilly in collaboration with Queer Culture Club

WHEN: Sunday 3 May at 7:45pm via Zoom (private link)

Topic: A specially curated queer workshop and Q&A with Evie Fehilly around self love, sex toys & partnered sex.

Sh! & Queer Culture Club have teamed up to deliver some specially curated sex chat for followers of Queer Culture Club! Our resident sex educator Evie Fehilly will cover topics such as solo play, orgasmic potential and partnered sex - for both in-person sex & socially distant play! And a Q & A to follow - DM @queercultureclub with all your burning questions about all things sex and we will answer them LIVE!

DM @queercultureclub to sign up and get the private link to join our zoom live stream. 

Please note this event is for queer-identifying people.

Q & A with Dr Karen Gurney (aka The Sex Doctor)

WHEN: Friday 1st May at 6.30pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

TOPIC: The Orgasm Gap - Female Sexuality & Desire

Dr Karen Gurney is a clinical psychologist and certified psychosexologist. She has a brand new book out, Mind The Gap: The truth about desire and how to futureproof your sex life. 

Did you know that there is an orgasm gap of around 30% between heterosexual couples when they have sex?

In her book, Dr Karen Gurney explores not just this gap, but the gaps in our knowledge of so much of the most important new science around sex and desire.

Combining science with case studies, practical exercises and tips, this is a book for anyone who wants to better understand the mechanics of desire and futureproof their sex life, for life.
Watch the screen recording here!

Q & A with Lola Jean

WHEN: Friday 24th April at 6.30pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

TOPIC: Kink - What type of kinky are you? Quiz Night!

Join us from the comfort of your own home for this Virtual Q & A with special guest Lola Jean, at the ready to answer all of your queries about your not-so-forbidden fantasies. (Pyjamas encouraged!)

Are you curious about spanking? Do you dream of getting down and a whole lot dirtier? Look no further - our Special Guest Lola Jean is here to answer all your questions with sexpert advice! 

Lola Jean is a Sex Educator, Mental Health Professional, Wrestler, Domme, Writer, and Olympian Squirter.

Tune in to see Evie take Lola Jean’s ‘What Type of Kinky Are You?’ test and get the results live!

Lola Jean at Sh!

Watch the screen recording here!

S.E.X. Pub Quiz with Evie Fehilly

WHEN: Wednesday 22nd April at 6.30pm via Zoom (private link)

Topic: Join our S.E.X. Pub Quiz in teams of 2 - 5 and show off your S-E-X knowledge!!

The virtual pub quiz you’ve all been waiting for - Sh!’s very own S.E.X. PUB QUIZ.

Quiz Mistress Evie Fehilly will be covering all the usual topics; film, sport, general knowledge, music (and more) but all questions will lead back to our favourite topic: SEX!

Test your knowledge of anatomy, sex positions, sex toys, sex scenes, song lyrics and much more in this banging pub quiz.

How the virtual teams will work: 

You and your team members (no teams larger than 5) don’t have to be living in the same house or even know each other - teams can set up a WhatsApp group via which they can discuss their answers and will set up a google doc onto which they will write their answers.

If you want to join the pub quiz solo then you can join a team but you will need to be up for sharing your phone number with members of that team in order to take part.

Please also ensure one of you can access google docs so that you can access the quiz questions & share your answers with us!

Sign up by registering yourself or your team via our website, email at or DM us via Instagram @shwomenstore.

Q & A with Tabitha Rayne

WHEN: Friday 17th April at 6.30pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

TOPIC: Lift Your Mood & Libido with #30DaysOfOrgasm Project

Is your libido lacking due to stress and fatigue? Are you fed up of feeling down? Look no further - our Special Guest Tabitha is here to answer your questions with sexpert advice! 

Tabitha Rayne is an erotic writer, sex toy designer, and artist. On her blog, she is currently running the #30DaysOfOrgasm Project - a campaign encouraging women to spend 30 days to re-connect with your sexuality and use orgasms as a method of mood enhancement!

We'll be giving away a Ruby Glow ride-on vibe during Tabitha's Q&A - check our Insta Stories for info on how YOU can win it!
Watch the recording here!

Q & A with Anti Diet Riot Club

WHEN: Friday 10th April at 6.30pm on our Instagram Live Stream @Shwomenstore

TOPIC: Pleasure, Sex & Body Positivity

ANTI DIET RIOT CLUB is a rebellious-spirited community, dedicated to fighting back against ‘Diet Culture’ and the dangerous body and beauty ideals that come with it. They throw events in London that promote body acceptance, fat-positivity & self love!

The idea of the ADRC is to build a rebellious-spirited community dedicated to fighting back against ‘Diet Culture’ and the dangerous body ideals and standards of beauty that surround it. They believe that empowering people to love themselves is not just a cheesy Instagram post or brand slogan, it’s a small but powerful resistance against a society that profits billions of $$ from our self-loathing. ADRC believes that diet culture negatively affects our mental, physical and emotional worlds by telling us that we are not good or worthy enough unless we are trying to lose weight/be more muscly/eat less/sweat more at all times. They strongly believe that there IS an alternative way to live free from some of these pressures and dangerously unattainable ideals.

What's new Pussycat?

The newest sex toys to make our shelves...

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