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Cafe V - Information and New Dates

Cafe V - Information and New Dates - Sh! Women's Store
Coming along to a meet-up or support group for the first time can be both exciting and scary - there'll be unfamiliar faces and new things to learn. From experience, we know it can be very stressful to think about attending a group without knowing who will be there, and what to expect. We have created this page with the aim of putting some of those worries at rest, and help you attend the workshop feeling more relaxed.

What is Cafe V?

Cafe V is a well-being workshop and support group for female survivors of sexual violence and assault. Cafe V is hosted by Pav, the founder of My Body Back Project, in partnership with Sh!, the iconic sex shop for women in Hoxton Square, London.

Welcome to Sh!Where is Cafe V held?

Cafe V is held at Sh!, 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB. It's a well-lit, boutique-style erotic shop and a safe space.
For the meet-ups, you'll see the My Body Back Project logo displayed on the door. This way you'll know you're in the right place and that we are expecting you!
Cafe V starts at 10.30am finishes at 11.30 -12noon. This is before the shop opens to customers. The shop opens at 12noon, so after this, customers will start streaming in.

Pavan AmaraFriendly Faces at Cafe V

At Cafe V, you will meet Pav. Pav is the founder of My Body Back Project, and attends every Cafe V. We first met with Pav after she sent us a letter, sharing her thoughts on how there is precious little practical help for women dealing with and recovering from the physical effects of sexual violence or abuse.
Since setting up My Body Back Project and Cafe V, Pav have also joined forces with Barts Health NHS Trust to start a cervical screenic clinic especially for women and trans men who have experienced sexual violence.
sh-erotic classYou will also meet Renee. Renee is the Senior Store Manager at Sh!, and regularly teaches classes on sexuality, including at Cafe V. Her main interest is female sexuality and she will happily talk to you about the more practical details of choosing and using lubes, sex toys and positions that'll help you feel more in control.
A member or two from Team Sh! will also be in attendance to help out with the practicalities of hosting Cafe V. The members of Team Sh! will vary, but please rest assured that they are all very friendly and know how to make a decent cup of tea! Team Sh! are very comfortable talking about all things sex, and you can always trust them to offer honest advice on the products available.

Tea & Pastries

Much has been said about the free tea and pastries! You will find a member of Team Sh! serving tea, coffee and pastries throughout the workshop. We hope you enjoy this treat!

Things To Think About

In order to make the workshop as useful and relaxed as possible, there area few things to consider before attending:

Cafe V is not intended as the first point of help after sexual violence has occurred. As much as we'd like to be able to offer the help, we simply do not have the resources to offer immediate trauma support. Instead, the best place to contact is Rape Crisis.

LubeAs Sh! is a sex shop for women, there will be vibrators and other toys in full view. If this feels uncomfortable for you, Cafe V may not be for you just yet. But - please remember that you are welcome to join the group when you feel ok about looking at sex toys (you don't have to touch).
During Cafe V, the team speak openly and positively about sex, sex toys and sexual activities. If hearing about sex is a trigger for you, then Cafe V may not be for you at this point. Please bear in mind that this may change with time, and that you are most welcome to join the group when you feel ready.
It is unfortunately unavoidable that guests may occasionally find topics triggering. We do our best to avoid known triggers during talks, but if you feel uncomfortable with anything that is said, you are absolutely free to get up and move away from the space until you feel ready to re-join the group.

Booking a Space at Cafe V

Please email if you have questions about the meet up or if you'd like to join the next session.
Spaces are limited and fill up fast, so we recommend getting in touch soon to avoid disappointment.

Upcoming Workshops

  • February 6th  | Masturbation solo or with partner - includes suggestions oh how to choose and use sex toys and lubes.
  • April 2nd | Different options for how penetrative sex and oral sex can be done.
  • May 28th | Communicating your experiences (of the assault and how you feel sexually) with a sex partner.
  • July 2nd | Different ways to achieve orgasm.
  • August 20th | Problems with sex - guest can anonymously submit their questions to us and we answer them during the session. This can include vaginismus, vulvadynia, dyspareunia.
  • September 17th | Bondage for women who have experienced sexual violence. We'll talk about how to stay feeling safe and in control.
  • October 29th | Fantasies during sex. We'll spend some time looking at erotica and other useful tools for fantasising.
  • December 3rd | Triggers and flashbacks - how to cope with these
    during sex.

What's new Pussycat?

The newest sex toys to make our shelves...

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