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Meet the Sheros!

Meet the Sheros! - Sh! Women's Store

This March at Sh! we’re celebrating pioneering women in the Sex- and Body-Positive movement. Their groundbreaking work in smashing stigma around pleasure and sex, and their experiences as women in the field is awe-inspiring; each is true to the adage Empowered Women Empower Women.

Let us introduce you to the Sh! Heros, or as we like to call them: Sheros!

Laura Dodsworth

Laura Dodsworth, a photographer who strives to debunk myths and taboos holding deeper socio-political themes. Described as a “cultural talking point” by the Financial Times, Laura’s work “100 Vaginas” is just one of her powerful pieces that have dramatically furthered the Body-Positive movement, making it a no-brainer to have her as one of our Sheros!

“My work has, in part, responded to performed pleasure and disassociation from the body. I know from interviewing women what tremendous pleasure we are capable of. Not only is our sexuality delicious in itself, it’s powerful and important. It’s time to reclaim authentic experience, occupy our bodies and experience the pleasure that is rightfully ours.”

Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton: the author and YouTuber who you may have seen on TV discussing themes surrounding feminism, body image, sexuality and gender. Not shying away from any topic in relation to sex, pleasure & Body-Positivity, Hannah has been communicating and creating content over a diverse number of platforms for years. From Youtube, to podcasts, to her books; the award-winning Doing It and The Hormone Diaries, Hannah’s frank and open tone is something we want to hear more of!

“Sex isn't just about sex. It's about self-esteem, shame, respect, connection and identity. It's about money, politics, violence and the world. This is why sex positivity and talking openly about topics surrounding sex is so crucial - whether you have sex or not, it's woven into the fabric of many aspects of our lives and we simply can't ignore it.”

Dr Annabel Sowemimo

Dr Annabel Sowemimo is a community sexual & reproductive health doctor and Founder of Decolonising Contraception, a community-based organisation created by people of colour (POC) working within Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH). DC is organising SexFest, a sexual health & wellness festival for POC this April. More info and tickers here.

Dr Annabelle is a freelance writer with a regular column on where she writes about health inequalities and Decolonosing Healthcare. She is also a trustee for Medact charity.

"The formidable Audre Lorde once said ‘Your silence will not protect you’ and I try to live by that everyday. There is no choice but to speak about sex, our bodies, shame, stigma, marginalisation and taboo because being silent only reinforces the problems that already exist. If I didn’t then I’d only be suffering in silence and leaving others without the representation they deserve." 

Hannah and Dr Annabel recently recorded a podcast together - listen here: Doing It Podcast

Hazel Mead

Sex-positive activist and illustrator, Hazel Mead, who prides herself on her feminist agenda. Known for her viral illustrations such as; “Things You Don’t See in Mainstream Porn” and “The Sex Education We Wish We’d Had” Hazel uses her art to highlight and discuss taboo topics through a feminist lens. Her honest and beautiful artwork resonates with so many people, which is why we are so excited for her to be on our panel (see below) to share her motivation behind her work.

“Growing up, I felt shame around the way my body looked, for masturbating, for having heavy periods. I think sex & body positivity is necessary to show we’re all normal and there’s nothing to be ashamed of!”

*Photo by Vickie Lickova

Tabitha Rayne

The award-winning erotic writer and inventor of the Ruby Glow vibrator, Tabitha Rayne. Tabitha has been writing award-winning erotica to tease, tantalise and turn you on for nearly 10 years. It was during a rather hot writing session that she realised she wanted a sex toy to grind on while typing out hot sex words. She was surprised to find there was nothing on the market and so began exploring forms with clay and the first rudimentary Ruby Glow was born.

After trying out prototypes with like-minded friends, she pitched the idea to Rocks Off, the UKs biggest sex toy manufacturer at that time and they agreed to take it on as part of their range. Tabitha believes in orgasms for all and hopes that her sexy tales and vibrator designs go some way to achieving that.


“I designed a product especially for people of low mobility, or with wrist pain, or those who have suffered sexual trauma and perhaps need something completely different to reacquaint themselves with their bodies”.

Tabitha will be hosting an event at Sh! on Thursday 12th of March, focusing on aural sex, tech, and frisky fun - get your ticket here: Tabitha Rayne

Stephanie Theobald

Stephanie Theobald, British novelist and broadcaster, decided to undertake a road trip across America in search of greater sexual self-knowledge. Her adventures became Sex Drive, merging sexuality and spirituality, 18th-century porn and enlightenment philosophy. Edgy, honest and energetic, Sex Drive reveals what happens when a woman takes time out to listen to her body. The Times described her as “One of London’s most celebrated literary lesbians” and Varsity described her as “No ordinary female writer.” We describe her as "a goddamn Shero."

"Sex and body-positivity are so important to me because sometimes chocolate just doesn't cut it. Having your sex drive thrashing around like a fish out of water is like having a superpower. And if you are also shame-free about your body and sex and solo sex, then your life is officially off the charts and there will no stopping you! Clits up!"

Ky Hoyle

Ky Hoyle - Founder of Sh! No tribe of London-local Sheros would be complete without the Head Girl herself!

Standout moments of this ‘true pioneer’ ( The Observer Magazine) include challenging a court case bought against her for running a sex shop without a license (she won); introducing the women of the UK to Jessica Rabbit; establishing Cafe V, the UK’s first support group to help sexual violence survivors reclaim pleasure; pioneering links with the NHS to help close the gap between sexuality and overall health and smuggling a toy into 10 Downing St as a gift for the PM’s wife.

Ky Hoyle Sh! Founder

Ky remains as passionate today as the day she stomped home from Soho determined to make a change, believing in every woman’s right to explore her sexuality free from myths and social constraints.

"Sexual empowerment isn't about swinging from every chandelier we find (unless we want to). It's about finding our own path to pleasure and discovering our own individual sexual journey, away from the clamour, expectations, and pressure. "

Meet Your Sheros: A Panel of Pleasure Pioneers Event

Join us for a pioneering panel with no less than four of our Sheros: Laura Dodsworth, Hazel Mead, Hannah Witton & Sh! Founder Ky Hoyle.

It'll be an empowering evening all about breaking stigmas around sex, bodies & pleasure, and you'll be able to put your own questions to the panel.

All are welcome, and tickets include wine or beer upon arrival (non-alcoholic alternatives available).

Book your ticket here: Sheros Pleasure Panel

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