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Hot Erotic Picture Books from Sh!

More new erotica today, and Sh! has a couple of new erotic picture books to thrill and delight you... [caption id="4 Girlfriends: Vol. 3" align="alignleft" width="150"]4 Girlfriends: Vol. 3 4 Girlfriends: Vol 3[/caption] Kristina Queen Of Vampires: Volume 3 Kristina Queen of Vampires is a hot new graphic novel from Frank Mensink. Kristina's adventures continue, as her vampire coven travel to Europe to rescue her - but her lust for life is undiminished! Drawn from a real-life Kristina who posed for the sensuous illustrations, Kristina Queen of Vampires is a really hot read! 4 Girlfriends: Volume 3 4 Girlfriends: Volume 3 follows the adventures of the beautiful Maria, who overcomes her religious scruples and launches herself into a hot new career as a porn star! Lushly illustrated, this sequel to the original Four Girlfriends is sure to be a hit among fans of Atilio Gambedotti's stunning and sexy art!

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