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We're delighted to announce our new range of gifts that give! Now, the Sh! girlz know we weren't going to mention Christmas again til December - but honest, ladiez, it's in a very good cause This year, for the first time, Sh! is planning to offer Gift Giving For Girls - Charity presents where 100% of the price goes straight to good causes close to our hearts. Sh! will be supporting: [caption id="ACCM (UK)" align="alignleft" width="100" caption="ACCM (UK)"]Gift That Give From Sh! Women's Store[/caption]ACCM UK. £10 will help train an ACCM (UK) Champion, who can support young women who are victims of female genital mutilation and forced marriage in the UK, a vital service that gives these women access to a trusted advocate. £30 will enable ACCM (UK) to run a workshop educating men from migrant and BME communities about the harmful practices of FGM, FM and domestic violence - a crucial step in helping put a stop to these practices in their communities. [caption id="The Albert kennedy Trust" align="alignright" width="100" caption="The Albert Kennedy Trust"]The Albert Kennedy Trust[/caption] The Albert Kennedy Trust £50 can help train a volunteer mentor, ensuring that each young lesbian in our care can meet with a positive role model to help her through her difficulties. For just £20, you can help provide advice and a safe and secure home for a night for a young lesbian who may be facing violence, prejudice and homelessness as a result of her sexuality. [caption id="Eaves Scarlet Centre" align="alignleft" width="100" caption="Eaves Scarlet Centre"]Gifts that Give from Sh[/caption]Eaves Scarlet Centre £15 will pay for a holistic treatment for a woman trafficked into prostitution - a gentle means of helping her heal from physical and emotional trauma. And for £20, Eaves can provide a counselling session for a woman who has experienced sexual violence - an important step in the recovery process.[caption id="Naz Project London" align="alignright" width="100" caption="Naz Project London"]Gifts That Give from Sh![/caption] Naz Project London £10 will pay for a young woman of black or minority ethnic origin to attend a workshop about HIV/STI prevention, transmission and treatment - an important means of safeguarding and supporting her sexual health. £25 will enable us to provide vulnerable BME women and young girls with sex- and sexuality-related counselling services. [caption id="V-Day: Congo" align="alignleft" width="100" caption="V-Day UK - Supporting Women in the DRC"]Gifts That Give from Sh![/caption]V-Day UK: Power to the Women and Girls of the Democratic Republic of Congo £10 will help to pay for literary workbooks for rape survivors in the City of Joy to help women turn their pain into power when they re-enter their communities. And £30 will provide one woman at the City of Joy with an intensive two-week self-defence program (led by Dolphin Anti-Rape and AIDS Control Outreach) that has helped thousands of girls in Africa learn critical self-defence techniques. [caption id="Vulval Pain Society" align="alignright" width="100" caption="Vulval Pain Society"]Gifts That Give from Sh![/caption] The Vulval Pain Society £15 will help fund a one-day information and support workshop for up to 60 women in the UK who may be experiencing physical and emotional trauma as a result of vulval pain. And for only £5, you can help the VPS can produce and distribute a resource file (containing key facts and guidelines on vulval pain) to GPs and practice nurses working in primary care. This vital information will help a woman presenting with vulval pain get a correct diagnosis and treatment. So there's lots of great causes to support this year, ladiez! 100% of your contribution goes straight to the charities, and from the 10th December, the Sh! girlz will send you or the recipient of your gift a specially designed fridge-magnet, as a little thank-you for supporting a practical and worthwhile cause this Christmas.

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