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Q&A: Nipple Clamps for Sensitive Nipples?

Q&A: Nipple Clamps for Sensitive Nipples?

Dear Sh!

I wonder if you can help. My partner and I would like to try nipple clamps, but I have pretty sensitive nipples so could you advise on which would be the best type for me?

Hi there,
Thanks for getting in touch!

If you have sensitive breasts and nipples, we’d say to go easy with the clamps. Sensitivity levels for women & vulva-owners often fluctuate with hormones. The same sensation from nipple clamps that turns us on one week can turn us off the next. Breast sensitivity is heightened just before or during a period so go gently with nipple clamps during this time too.

We recommend getting a pair of adjustable tweezer nipple clamps.

These are better for beginners as they allow you to set the pinch to an acceptable level. If you find that you want more intensity as your arousal grows, you can just slide the tweezers tighter.

We have a great article on nipple clamp safety here - grab a cuppa and check it out!


Another good option is the nipple suction cups.

The suckers, as we like to call them, are super easy to attach and use. Simply slick the rims of the cups with some water-based lube before gently attaching to the areolas.

From here, you can squeeze and release encouraging blood flow to the nipples. This, in turn, make your nipples swell with excitement.

If your nipples are super-sensitive, the suction cups may be stimulating enough.

We hope this helps!

Best Wishes,
Team Sh! xx

More nipple advice here!

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