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Q&A: Can I wear an anal plug and a vaginal toy to work?

Q&A: Can I wear an anal plug and a vaginal toy to work? - Sh! Women's Store

Hi, I am looking for an anal plug with at least 4 inches of insertable length which I can insert prior to going into the office and leave in for 3-4 hours. Can you assist? Also, do you think it is possible to insert a toy into my vagina at the same time and leave them both in as I work in the office? Your advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Hello there, 

Many thanks for your email!

Many people like to play kinky or sexy games at work, enjoying the secret thrill of knowing what they are wearing underneath their smart work outfit.

Sex toys at work 

We have a selection of soft silicone butt plugs that might be just what you are looking for, like this beginner's butt plug. There are other sizes and shapes to choose from, but we'd recommend opting for a slimmer butt plug if you are intending to wear a vaginal toy at the same time. And - don't forget about the all-important lube!

a slim butt plug in bright pink silicone, with a heart-shaped base

There are a quite a few options for toys that can be worn internally, but top of the list for fun 'work wear' are love balls. Simply slip them in, vaginally (never use love balls anally) and you are all set! You'll feel the balls jiggle as you move, which can be incredibly sensual.

The added benefit of wearing love balls is that you are working your pc muscle at the same time, which in turn will increase the strength of your orgasms. Bonus!

a black kegel ball


Buzzing at work

If you fancy a little buzz every now and then, you might choose a remote control vibe like We Vibe Unite. The Unite offers clitoral stimulation as well as internal stimulation - all controlled via the handy remote. Or, more discreetly, via the free app that you can download to your phone. These days, sex toys are so quiet, you needn't worry about your colleagues hearing the tell-tale buzz either...

we-vibe unite C-shaped vibrator with a white remote control


Have fun!

Team Sh! xx

More sex toy advice here! 

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