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Spanking Erotic Class

Spanking Erotic Class - Sh! Women's Store
Spanking went mainstream after the Fifty Shades of Grey hit the shelves of all local supermarkets, and we noticed a huge increase in customers coming in to purchase wrist cuffs, blindfolds and paddles. Tying someone up and blindfolding them is all very well - but then what do you do?
We have a few good ideas!
Our Spanking Erotic Class covers safe areas to spank, safewords (essential for any kind of kinky play) and how to choose implements to suit you and your partner. We'll talk about how to get the most from your spanking session, and how to build arousal as you go along.
Paddle Pink
This is an interactive class, so you'll get to feel various implements such as crops, paddles and floggers both in your hands and on your bum - any good top (spanker) needs to know how an implement feels before aiming it at their willing bottom (not their actual bottom - by "bottom" we mean the bum of the person on the receiving end).
This class is about spanking safely and sensually - what's also known as safe, sane and consensual spanking.
We'll practice techniques (fully-clothed), and before we send you off home we'll answer any questions you may have on spanking.
The shop will remain open for 30 minutes after the class has finished; this in order for you to make the most of the 20% discount offered...
Some of our classes are for women only, and some are for women & couples. If you attend a Spanking Erotic Class alone, we'll pair you with a another guest, or with a member from Team Sh!
Sounds like fun? If so, book your ticket to a Spanking Erotic Class here. Please note we offer discounts for group bookings - so why not get a few friends together, and have a spanking good night out!

Book a Spanking Soiree - our erotic class party experience at home.

You can also choose learning about spanking for your Sh! Soiree theme  - our erotic class experience, comes to you!

We currently offer Sh! Soirees within London area.  UK-wide coming soon.  

Whatever the occasion; a girls get-together, a hen, Christmas or leaving do, a birthday party or simply to try something new, a Sh! Spanking Soiree is playful, educational and always perfectly tuned to the occasion.

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