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Orgasmic! The Art of Female Orgasms

Orgasmic! The Art of Female Orgasms - Sh! Women's Store

Attending an erotic class can feel exciting and daunting at the same time. What happens? Who attends? How do I know if it's for me?

Some classes are for women, and some for women & couples. You'll find out who the class is for by looking the the erotic classes page here.

Many women attend this particular class because they find it difficult to reach orgasm or they've never had an orgasm at all. Or, perhaps they can have orgasms, but would just like to experience more of them. All of these reasons - and many more - are good reasons for attending this class.

What to Expect at our Orgasmic Erotic Class

Before the class starts, we'll offer bubbly and cup cakes to help settle any nerves. We find that a glass of fizz and a bit of sugar is very helpful if you're feeling out of your comfort zone!

[caption id="attachment_28358" align="alignleft" width="250"]Vulva Puppet Vulva Puppet[/caption]

Firstly, we'll talk about anatomy. It's important to know what parts make up the vulva and how a vagina works. Did you know, for example, that the tip of the clitoris has around 8000 nerve-endings on it? That's pretty impressive! We use our trusted vulva puppet Rosie for this part of the class.

We'll talk about various ways of stimulating the clitoris, and how to find out what kind of stimulation you might like. For this, we'll look at a variety of vibrators.

For an orgasm to happen, it's important that the mind and body are working together and we'll talk about how to achieve this. The mind and the body can experience arousal separately, but not an orgasm.

Many women find it useful to have something for their pc muscle to clench against when they are masturbating, and we'll suggest good products for this too.

You'll have an opportunity to put your questions to our friendly educators at the end of the class.

After the class ends, guests can make the most out the whopping 20% discount that'll be offered.
Sounds like fun?  Then book a ticket (or several, as we offer discounts for group bookings) for the Orgasmic! The Art of Female orgasm erotic class here.

Book a Female Orgasm Soiree - our erotic class party experience at home.

You can also choose learning about female orgasm for your Sh! Soiree theme  - our erotic class experience, comes to you!

We currently offer Sh! Soirees within London area.  UK-wide coming soon.  

Whatever the occasion; a girls get-together, a hen, Christmas or leaving do, a birthday party or simply to try something new, a Sh! Female Orgasm Soiree is playful, educational and always perfectly tuned to the occasion.

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