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Kink Month at Sh!

Kink Month at Sh! - Sh! Women's Store

This November at Sh! is Kink Month!

Women & couples are invited join us for our very exciting month-long series of classes designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of kink!

Whether you've been wanting to incorporate BDSM dynamics into your sex life for a while, or you're still figuring out what the letters stand for, these classes are the perfect starting point to spicing things up in (and out of) the bedroom.

Each week, our experienced Kink educators will guide you through different aspects of BDSM, so that come December you'll be a natural kinkster, fulfilling all your fantasies!

Dom(me)/sub 101 - 6th of November at 7pm

Does the idea of giving your partner control in the bedroom turn you on? Or would you prefer to be the one in charge?

During this class, our resident kinksters will help you discover your inner submissive, Dominant (or switch!) and give you tried and tested tips to help you get the most from your kinky playtime and bring your fantasies to life.

We will cover every stage of fulfilling your perfect scene, from talking to your partner beforehand, all the way to taking care of each other after play, as well as giving you lots of inspiration for things to try.

Book your ticket to our Dom(me)/sub 101 class here.

All our classes are friendly, educational, inspirational, playful and interactive.

Bedroom Bondage - 13th of November at 7pm

Learn how to play with sensory deprivation to bring alive all the senses.

You'll learn how to tie and tease, safely and consensually, to accentuate the sexual experiences for both you and your partner.

We'll try out the different types of equipment available for erotic and sensory stimulation, before looking at how power exchange dynamics may be incorporated into the mix to further vamp up the thrills...

Book your ticket to our Bedroom Bondage class here.

There will be interactive parts of all the classes but they will be fully clothed and there is no obligation to do anything you don’t want to do; consent is sexy after all.

Erotic Spanking - 20th of November at 7pm

Be enlightened, educated and inspired with the fun activity of safe, sane and consensual spanking.

You will learn the pleasures of pain, how and where to spank safely and sensually, the different feel and effect of floggers, crops, spankers, and hands, contrasting sensations and aftercare.

For both spanker and spankee, this class will ensure you play your part confidently.

Book your ticket to our Erotic Spanking class here.

After each class ends, guests will be invited to make the most out of the 20% discount that’ll be offered on the night.

Temperature Play - 27th of November at 7pm

As the nights get colder, keep it hot in the bedroom with our temperature play class.

During this class, we will be looking at all things hot hot hot, as we show you how to incorporate everything from warm lube to wax play candles into your play and even how to heat up your toys.

Like to change it up? We will also be covering how to cool your play down too!

Book your ticket to our Temperature Play class here.

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