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Closing the Pleasure Gap - Kunyaza Workshop

Closing the Pleasure Gap - Kunyaza Workshop - Sh! Women's Store

Join author Habeeb Akande and sex blogger Sherryl Blu for an intimate and interactive discussion on kunyaza – Africa’s secret to female pleasure.

Kunyaza is a traditional African sexual practice triggering female ejaculation and multiple orgasms in women during heterosexual encounters. Originally from Rwanda, kunyaza has been practised for hundreds of years between heterosexual couples throughout Africa.

In traditional African cultures, women’s pleasure comes first and men are expected to satisfy their partners. For many Africans, kunyaza is a solution to the orgasm gap and the rest of the world should pay attention. The West can learn much about this centuries-old sensual practice which has the reputation of causing explosive wet orgasms without penetration.

Discover Kunyaza

According to Rwandan legend, kunyaza originated with an ancient queen who experienced a squirting orgasm whose flow was copious that it formed Lake Kivu. The motion which provoked the squirt became known as the kunyaza technique, whilst the ejaculated fluid was called kunyara.

As for the kunyaza technique, it involves the stimulation of the clitoris and labia minora with the penis using a series of tapping and rubbing motions. As the woman becomes relaxed and highly aroused by the tapping motion, a gush of fluid is likely to expel from her lady parts.

Closing the Pleasure Gap with Kunyaza

The “pleasure gap” refers to the pleasure disparity between male and female sex partners.

Unfortunately, women are four times more likely to find sex less pleasurable than men! During sexual encounters, men orgasm 20% to 50% more than women. This is a phenomenon known as the “orgasm gap” between heterosexual men and women. Kunyaza can help close the pleasure and orgasm gap. After all, it’s a sexual practice dedicated to female pleasure and can trigger an orgasm in women within five minutes!

Benefits of the African lovemaking technique include:

  • Female ejaculation and/or squirting
  • Enhanced female pleasure
  • Stimulates the internal and external clitoris ('the K-spot')
  • Helps men last longer in the bedroom

What to Expect During the Kunyaza Workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to raise awareness and celebrate the contributions of African sex educators to female sexuality.

The workshop will be hosted by sex educator Habeeb Akande and sex blogger Sherryl Blu, who will lead the discussions. Audience members are free to participate or they can sit back and enjoy an entertaining evening of educational fun. In case you are wondering, the workshop is fully dressed and will not include a live demonstration of female squirting! Men and women are both welcome to attend.

At the workshop, you will learn about the importance of erotology (art of lovemaking) in traditional African cultures and how to close the orgasm gap. Did you know that heterosexual women have fewer orgasms than men or lesbians or bisexual women during partnered sex? This needs to change! Straight men need to learn how to pleasure women and not rely on
porn for sex education!

Questions that Habeeb and Sherryl will explore during the workshop include:

  • Why are most women not sexually satisfied?
  • What does it mean to be sexually liberated?
  • Can every woman squirt?

In addition, you will learn about the female anatomy & arousal, why foreplay matters and the mysteries of female ejaculation. Although many women squirt with kunyaza, the main goal of the sexual practice is mutual pleasure and sexual satisfaction.


  • When: Friday 10 January 2020 at 7:00pm
  • Where: Sh! 31-35 Pitfield Street, London N1 6HB
  • Price: £8 for a ticket to the workshop only OR or £15 for a ticket to the workshop + one signed copy of Kunyaza: The Secret to Female Pleasure by Habeeb Akande
  • Book here: Kunyaza Workshop
  • All welcome

Please note: The BBC will be filming at this event for a radio and video documentary about female sexuality. If you are not happy to be recorded you will have an opportunity before recording begins to opt out. There will be more information available at the event about what the documentary is about and where it will be shown.

Meet the Hosts

Habeeb Akande is a sex educator and author of Kunyaza: The Secret to Female Pleasure. Habeeb is on a mission to close the orgasm gap and teach people how to be sexually satisfied with African erotology.

Sherryl Blu is a sex blogger and the host of the Tinted Blu Talks podcast. Sherryl is a sex positive creative and loves to talk all things sex, health and lifestyle!

Copies of Kunyaza by Habib Akande will be available on the night.

Credit: PASSION by Lamark Crosby

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