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Best Sex Classes for Couples

Best Sex Classes for Couples - Sh! Women's Store

Trying out new things with partner who is just as excited about new or different ways of experiencing pleasure as you are, is one of the sexiest things you'll ever do as a couple. It's exhilarating, a turn on of sensational proportions.

But even so, however into it you both are, sometimes things go wrong.
Sex can go wrong for many reasons, as we're sure you know, but one of the most common - and dangerous - reasons is not knowing what you're doing, but giving it an enthusiastic go anyway.

This is how people end up in hospital with sex-related injuries.

With a little bit of know-how on what you're about to do, you can avoid the most common mistakes.
Coming along to a sex class at Sh! will set you up for many a-night of pleasure.
Our classes are led by our friendly and knowledgeable team, some of whom have certainly made their own mistakes along the way - because this is how you learn (never use Vaporub instead of lube, for example - ouch!).
Between them, our team have vast experience and they'll share this with you: what to focus on, what to avoid and how to approach a shy or reluctant lover with new ideas without intimidating them...

Strap On & Pegging Class

This should be easy enough, right? You strap on a dildo and thrust away until one - or preferably  both - of you reach an earth shattering climax. Easy peasy!
Well, no. Let's back up a bit.
Choosing a strap-on that will work for you both, as well as the kind of sex you have in mind, needs thinking about. Do you need a harness that'll fit you both, or just one of you? Is the dildo for vaginal play, anal play or perhaps both?
Late 19th-century painting by Édouard-Henri Avril showing the use of strap-on dildo
Choosing the right size & shape dildo is trickier than it sounds, but in our Strap-On & Pegging class you'll be encouraged to think about what 'ideal' means for you.
And when it comes to actually using the strap-on, you need to know about anatomy and positions, and what to do if a female partner has her uterus tilting backwards...

Lesbian Sex Class

How to Choose & Use a Dildo (For Lesbian Sex) adviceComing along to a class is a lot of fun and as you're learning together, there is no need to worry about your partner 'knowing more' or being more experienced: it's a fun evening out with someone you want to have great sex with!
In this class, you'll learn about female anatomy, safer sex between women and how to pleasure your girl in a number of exciting ways.
There's also time for Q&A, and our fab team will answer your questions openly & honestly.

Bedroom Bondage

FSOG created a wave of new kinksters, which is great, but many couples got it wrong and ended up in potentially dangerous situations simply because they didn't know how to avoid common mistakes (never use cable ties!).
In our Bedroom Bondage class, we spend a good amount of time talking about safety, consent & negotiation before a fun practical takes place. You'll get a chance to build your confidence as both tops and bottoms - because we like to switch it up.

Spanking Class

spankingFocusing on sensual impact play rather than pain, our Spanking Erotic Class offers a safe space to experiment with paddles, whips and crops.
Highlighting the necessity of knowing areas safe for spanking, consent and how to control the bottom's arousal vs pain, because going too far is never an option, this is an excellent class for newbies.

All of our classes are fully dressed, in case you're wondering, and the ticket price includes bubbles & cake (or tea & cake for non-drinkers).

  • By 'couples' we mean F/F and F/M couples (friends are absolutely fine too).
  • By 'female' we include Trans women, and by 'male' we include Trans men.
  • We regret we are unable to offer classes for M/M couples.

What's new Pussycat?

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