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Book Review: Best Women's Erotica 2015

Book Review: Best Women's Erotica 2015 - Sh! Women's Store
We were delighted when our blushing postie delivered a a discreet parcel from Cleis Press last week - boxes from Cleis means one thing and one thing only: NEW BOOKS. Being the voracious readers that we are, we can never resist a brand new title; glossy covers and clean, unmarked pages... *sigh*  On this occasion, the generous guys & gals sent us a free copy of Best Women's Erotica 2015 to review. This is the kind of homework we don't mind!
Edited by award-winning editor and sex author Violet Blue, the Best Women's Erotica anthologies are an annual treat; a selection of the most delectable stories for women.
Erotic and titillating, the books can be read from cover to cover, or if you prefer to savour your treats, you can dip in and out at your own speed.

Best Women's Erotica 2015Best Women's Erotica 2015 offers 18 well-written stories by female authors.

In our humble opinion, we find that erotica written by female authors is much better - descriptions are better, sex scenes are hotter and vocabulary used is less crude and more...seductive. (We're happy to be proved wrong though - male authors, feel free to send us copies of published works. We like a challenge!).
Violet Blue has put together a good mix of established authors and new names, which is always exciting.
Newly penned stories by favourite authors are always a treat, but we love finding out about new writers too.  One name we were unfamiliar with was Valerie Alexander, the author of the opening story.
Alexander's offering, The Ghostwriter, had us salivating from page 1. The scenario starts off not unsimilar to a bestselling book we're sure you've heard of. A handsome, financial genius with a slightly dominant, menacing charisma  meets submissive young woman (no prizes for guessing which book we're hinting at), but read on and you'll find yourself deeper into Kinkville than Christian Grey can ever hope to be...  It's freaking hot. And that's all we're going to say.
Alison Tyler almost had us reaching for the ginger root with her A-Not-So-Subtle-Spice (thankfully we thought the better of it before things got out of hand) and Click-Click-Click by Annabeth Leong had us in a flush... A sexy tale of setting up a scene for a voyeuristic friend (the word "friend" used in its vaguest possible sense, seeing as the protagonist has never met him - in this age of social media and online lives everything is possible), and enjoying the "is-he-isn't-he watching". If you've ever fantasised about playing the exhibitionist role you'll love this story!
The Kissing Party by Rachel Kramer Bussel is an oh-so-sweet-but-superbly-kinky piece, and Tryst of Fate by Lydia Hill has a great, unexpected twist. The tales on offer varies from  the sweetest, lightest scoop of vanilla to rich chocolatey dollops of kinkery. There are singlesomes, couplesomes, threesomes, foursomes... Something for everyone. The really great thing about anthologies is the variety. If there's one story you're not so keen on, you can skip straight to the next!

Read Best Women's Erotica 2015 in the bedroom, in the bathroom or on holiday. Share with your friends, pass it on to colleges or why not your mum! We recommend keeping a vibrator handy - you may find  yourself...ahem...inspired!

At time of writing, Book Lovers Day is just around the corner (Sunday 9th August)  and as we have a copy of Best Women's' Erotica 2015 to give away (Thanks Cleis Press!), why not hop on over and enter: Win Best Women's Erotica 2015 on Book Lovers Day.

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