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National Rabbit Day - Prick Your Bunny Ears Up

Prick Your Bunny Ears Up - Sh! Women's Store

National Rabbit Day is September 28. Who knew such a day existed? And so it ruddy well should with the amount of orgasms our buzzy little buddies have brought people. I mean, technically it’s National Rabbit Day but who is checking. We’re so thrilled, we thought why not dedicate a little blog post to them.

It’s been a long road since the Sh! founder, Ky Hoyle, dusted off a “Roger rabbit” in the back corner of an over-crowded supplier’s warehouse and experienced a light-bulb moment that in our eyes proved more important than Thomas Edison’s.

The bunny ears were initially promoted as anus-ticklers, but she soon worked out that good ol’ Rodge's ears were purring, rumbling and dizzying add-ons especially for those lucky types who can call themselves vulva-owners: she had discovered the vibrator's true magic and decided to rename it Jessica Rabbit. The vibe gained a cult following and by ’98, it had loads of fans with the most iconic of shout outs coming from the hopelessly devoted Charlotte from Sex & The City (the one where she gets addicted to her buzzing bunny).

Although, Jessica was the first little lapin to hit the U.K. market, there was another rabbit vibe circulating internationally. The late eighties had seen Vibratex create this dual-action rabbit to oppose restrictions in their country that were placed upon dildos looking anything like a real penis. A rabbit was not their first option however; these guys got creative. They first dreamt up a turtle, a kangaroo and even - a beaver. How sexy.

The sky is sometimes blue, grass should be green and there is definitely a reason that rabbits have become such a surging force in sexual pleasure. But what exactly is it about these toys that get people off so exquisitely? How did a fur-less rabbit ever become the bestselling vibrator of all time?

A study back in 2017 showed that only about 20% of women can reach orgasm by penetration alone. The rest needed at least clitoral stimulation. But why have one when you could have two? By creating a dual-action toy that stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot, uses can enjoy what is known as blended orgasm. This means that you feel it both internally and externally at the same time. Delightful. Spot on. Job done.

There are literally loads of types of rabbits that you can introduce to your muffkin. So many exist that choosing a rabbit can be quite a daunting task for some. Thankfully, we have cherry-picked a select few for your pleasure. A traditional rabbit, like our Sh! waterproof vibe, will be battery-operated with a slightly bulbous tip and a panel on the shaft that includes rotating beads. This panel is expertly located to tantalise the G-spot (located 2-3 inches within the vagina). For the externally-targeting rabbit section, this is usually in the shape of a rabbit’s head with two bunny ears. These bunny ears are designed to sit either side of your clit as they wiggle away, pleasuring your pea till you can’t take no more whilst not over-stimulating it by touching it directly on the nose. Last but not least, the toy will also have vibration functions controlling the clitoral part and the vaginal part, simultaneously or individually.

Iconic luxury brand Lelo decided to do their rabbit different. Sleek, slender and smooth the Ina Wave has no beaded panel or bunny ears to speak of. Instead, as you control the external clit bit however you fancy, the vibrating internal shaft sweeps back and forward to coax your G-spot into orgasm. In other words, it thrusts or does a “come hither” motion to well and truly knock your socks off.

This more clean-cut design (without the thrusting) is popular with numerous other sex toy brands and makers. Embrace take their own spin on rabbits using a much slinkier design, which is great if you find yourself wanting a smaller dual-action toy or have a slimmer vaginal canal. These toys include a textured tip to tickle your clit with instead of bunny ears. This feature pinpoints your pleasure like no other as its vibrations are controlled independently of the buzzing shaft.

Fun Factory, on the other hand, have gone in the opposite direction. They have created bulkier bunnies, which are perfect for those who like the sensation of feeling “full” internally with their sex toys. The Lady Bi boasts an A-spot reach whilst the Stronic Bi Fusion incorporates a vigorous thrust in it’s internal stimulation.

Please note, you are not advised to use the Stronic if you wear a pacemaker or heart device due to the fact that the thrusting motion is created using super strong magnets!

Perhaps the most extra of the bunch, we have the Satisfyer’s dual action offering. With their pulsing, air wave technology, they use a “suck and blow” sensation placed directly upon the clit. This brings the 8,000 nerve endings in your clitoris mind-blowing amounts of pleasure without over-stimulating. This literally is the #dream; #livingyourbestlife. Oh and we forgot to mention - it has an independently functioning internal shaft. Mother, may I!?

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