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Tickler Vibrators - Cool and Cute!

We've got five new gorgeous vibrators here at Sh! this weekend - the Tickler range!
[caption id="Cute Tickler Vibrator" align="alignleft" width="80"]cute tickler vibrator Cute Tickler Vibrator[/caption]
The Tickler vibrators are small silicone vibrators, with a powerful one-speed buzz and a very smooth finish! Each one is specially designed for focussed pleasure, and they made a very nice set...
The Cute Tickler Vibrator has a smooth flat surface and is great for massage, and for very focussed G-Spot play. Made of sexy purple silicone, we'd recommend trying it out for extra-strong G-spot vibrators.
[caption id="Mystic Tickler Vibe" align="alignright" width="80"]mystic tickler vibrator Mystic Tickler Vibe[/caption]
The Mystic Tickler Vibrator  is a clit toy not quite like anything we've seen before - and we like the design! It looks a bit like a collectable alien out of a cereal packet, but we love the vibrating antennae for very precise clitoral vibrations...
There had to be a rabbit vibe! The Bunny Tickler has the original bunny ears we know and love, made of firm silicone They're more solid than most bunny ears, so they're great for really precise stimulation.
[caption id="Sunny Tickler Vibe" align="alignleft" width="80"]sunny tickler vibe Sunny Tickler Vibe[/caption]
The Sunny Tickler Vibrator - just the thing for a hot weekend! Shaped like a flower, the Sunny vibe is great for clit and G-spot pleasure, and so innocent-looking you could stand it on your dressing-table...
And, last but not least, there's the Rebel Tickler, which is another G-spot pleaser. With its curvy head and narrow neck, the Rebel vibrator is great for G-spot teasing and clit play...
We're very smitten with these five Ticklers, and we're sure you will be too!

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