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Glass Sex Toy + Vibration = Very Impressed Sh! Girlz!

The Sh! Girlz have known for a long time that tough, purpose-designed glass sex toys are a fantastic idea...We love Luxotiq and we're dizzy for glass toys. And now - we have GlassVibrations' gorgeous new glass dildos and glass anal toys. But their very latest toy is especially thrilling - Sh!'s first glass vibrator.
[caption id="Deep Blue Glass Vibrator" align="alignleft" width="150"]Deep Blue Glass Vibrator Deep Blue Glass Vibrator[/caption]
Made of luscious deep blue glass, with a hard plastic handle, the Glass Vibrator is a fantastic toy for combining the enjoyment of vibration with the super-smooth, slick surface of glass. While you might think that glass is a bit risky as a sex toy material, don't panic. We are not talking champagne-flute glass here - we're talking specially toughened medical-grade glass. Even the strongest PC muscles ever wouldn't make an impression on this stuff! It's worth popping it in it's storage bag when not in use, though, just to prevent any risk of chipping or scratching.
The vibrator side of the design is pretty hot too! With two focal points of vibration, one in the head and the other in the handle, the glass vibrator can provide any speed from a feathery flutter to a serious buzz, plus two speeds of pulsation, and a really amazing combo with both vibes going flat out!
The Glass Vibrator is an ideal G-spot toy if you like firm stimulation and a strong buzz. We'd reccommend it for ladiez who are interested in female ejaculation and very firm G-spot play. Also, try it out with temperature play - like all glass sex toys, the glass vibrator carries termparature very very nicely. And finally, it's lots of fun with a nice lube - and you can use silicone-, water-, or oil-based lubes with glass, so have fun!
We think we have a winning combination on our hands here - smooth, sexy, safe glass, plus amazing vibrations - we're very impressed!

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