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The Touche Ice Vibrator - as seen on ITV!

We're looking forwards to summer coming, and with the new warmer weather, people are thinking more about hot sex! But what about cooling it down a little with the Touche Ice Vibrator?
The Touche Ice Vibrator is the first ever sex toy to use ice, which is fantastic for ladiez - and gents! - who love temperature and sensation play. The Touche Ice Vibe, reviewed this week on ITV's This Morning show is a unique and special toy - cute, discreet, and very very sexy!
For those of us who love the feel of ice on bare skin, you'll never again need to raid the ice-cube tray for those chilly thrills! The Touche Ice Vibrator can also be used as a cooling massager all over, or as a direct clit vibe for extra thrills!
If you love tasty treats, you can make the Touche Ice Vibrator with fruit juice or squash, or with melted chocolate! Then you can melt it on and lick it off - providing a delicious taste sensation for you, plus a delicious cold-and-hot buzz for your partner!
The Touche Ice Vibe is also great for a little tie-and-tease play - you can use the ice toy to torment and torture your willing victim. Blindfold them for extra sexy vulnerability!
Available in blue or pink, the Touche Ice Vibrator is a fantastic toy for the summer. We're told that having to fetch it from the freezer is a bit fiddly, but the Sh! Girlz have a solution - spice up an evening at home with sex in the kitchen, so it''s ready to hand when you want it! Sex in new places is spicy and imaginative fun, and coupled with the yummy sensation of icy thrills, we reckon you'll have a fantastic time!

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