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Saucy September at Sh!

Saucy September at Sh! - Sh! Women's Store
Wow, we really do have a jam-packed September for you here at Sh!
There are readings, classes, bubbly, cupcakes and LOTS of fun to be had with us over the coming month, so have a little peek at what’s on offer and book yourself a place.

Fionn Wilson ~ September Art Exhibition

Our September erotic art exhibition gracing our walls this Sepember is by Fionn Wilson.
Fionn is a self-taught artist living in London. Her main focus is expressionist figurative painting including portraits, landscapes and still life. Through her work as a painter, she seeks to examine and explore the sensuality of presence in space and colour, not least the presence of the human form.
Fionn says: "With its brushes and tubes of thick paint, its smells and its still, wet canvases, painting has its own kind of eroticism. The abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning once said: "Flesh was the reason oil paint was invented". Despite the fact that I currently use acrylics, I perfectly understand what he meant. From the sensuality of real life bodies comes the paint, and from the paint new bodies come to life; not perfect visual representations, for there is so much more to bodies than how they look. I want to paint how they feel and how a naked body can be like light.
I paint the female body because it is the most delicious. It has voluptuousness. From a painter’s perspective: it has shapes and it has flow. It has movement. It bounces and it dances. I will never get tired of exploring the female body or of trying to find new ways of expressing the richness of it"

12th September – Your Kinky Cherry Erotic Class

Join London Faerie and Claire Black to pop your Kinky Cherry! These two outstanding professional dominants welcome you to a relaxed introduction to Ecstatic BDSM.
Faerie and Claire talk about the joy of BDSM and introduce some of the key ideas behind this powerful form of sexual intimacy. Then they present a short scene, allowing you to see and feel the power and sexiness of kinky play for yourself.

13th September – BDSM in the Bedroom with Miss Myers

BDSM is not all spiked heels and whacked bottoms, as by attending this special workshop you will discover. It is to be given by one of London’s celebrated, professional Mistresses, Miss Myers, who will share a tantalising range of the subtle secrets of her world that will inspire and invigorate bedroom time.

14th September – Fifty Shades of Kinky Sensuality

Inspired by the unstoppable tide of Fifty Shades, this class explores this new wave of female sexual liberation.
Fifty Shades of Kinky Sensuality aims to introduce women to the erotic world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, and teach basic moves and techniques to channel and empower their inner Mistress or submissive.
We'll familiarise ‘students’ in ways to give and receive kinky pleasures, as well as how to use props such as Love Balls, Blindfolds, Crops and Clamps in the most effective, exciting and titillating ways.

18th September – Mills & Boon Erotic Fiction Workshop

Have you ever fancied the idea of penning your own 50 Shades? Do you think you could be the next big thing in erotic fiction?
Join Mills & Boon editor Anna Boatman for a master class how to write erotic fiction. Learn all the tricks of the trade in this hour and half session, that will cover everything from how to make sure your sex scenes sizzle, not fizzle, to looking at the secret behind Grey’s success.

25th September – Build Your Erotic Capital

Forget heels and lip-gloss, sex appeal is about how you walk, talk, smile, dress and undress. From how to reply to a guy’s texts (or not to!) to easy tricks to choosing the right outfits everyday, this two-hour workshop is designed to get ordinary women to stand out.
Join best-selling authors Helen Croydon and Sam Bailey as they share their tips, tricks and recipes on how to be a tantalising woman.

26th September – Blow His Mind Erotic Class

In this class our erotic educators will enlighten, educate and inspire you with the fine art of fellatio...
Enjoy a glass of bubbly whilst we talk about his anatomy, how to tease, how to get down to business, how to locate and pleasure his hotspots and how to deal with those awkward sticky moments!

27th September – Body Confidence with Delores Deluxe

This workshop will look at the way we see ourselves and challenge how we feel about our bodies.
Delores Deluxe will be encouraging positive body image by creating a burlesque character that is the perfect version of ourselves - focussing on the things we do like, learning to accept the things we don’t and how we can make the most of what we have, regardless of size or shape to begin to accept ourselves as truly unique, beautiful and sexy..... with a little burlesque twist!

28th September – Mikaya Heart Book Reading

Mikaya Heart, author of The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women, will talk about the energetic aspects of orgasm, and how we can access the energy of orgasm in our daily lives, in a non-sexual way.
Mikaya's views on energy flows will help you to improve your sex life, make better friends with your body - which is an incredible source of wisdom - and feel more energised in your day-to-day life.

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