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Same Day Luxury Sex Toy Delivery in London

Same Day Luxury Sex Toy Delivery in London - Sh! Women's Store

Sorry – This service is no longer available.

But we are still very fast at getting 


Get sexy pleasure products fast with same day delivery to London addresses. If you find yourself unable to wait for your favourite dildo, lube or lingerie then why not arrange to have your goodies or gifts delivered on a same day principle? Perhaps it's a last minute present or you fancy treating yourself (#selfcare, right?) it's super simple to sort out.... 

  • Firstly, place your order with us in our London store or by calling the Sh! team on 020 7613 5458 / 03333 444 005. (Have your credit or debit card handy to pay for the goodies & delivery,  instantly and securely over the phone).
  • Once you have paid for your pleasure product(s) then contact our recommended  company, SPEEDY SAME DAY COURIER TO GET A QUOTE  or alternatively use your UBER account to arrange a collection. Please be aware that collections will have to be made between 11am-6pm Mon-Sun. We cannot accept collections outside of this time slot.
  • Lastly, give us a ring to let us know when and who to expect to pick up your saucy treats.

3 top occasions when a same day pleasure delivery perfectly saves the day

For Last-Minute Gifts...

Oops! You've forgotten it's your anniversary, bestie’s birthday, or that your sister's decree absolute came through today. Maybe you can no longer make the hen-party or just want to perk-up a friend with a 'thinking of you' gift. Arranging a same-day delivery could save the day and prove that the thought really does count.

For Your Love-In!

Lying in bed together; ticking off all the things you’ve been wanting to try for ages, one by one. One of you says ‘I've always wanted to try.....' A couple of phone calls and you only need to stay put and entertain yourself somehow until it arrives....

 Love Yourself!

Terrible day at work? Need pampering? Wish you had a waterproof vibrator to enjoy in the tub... Treat yourself with a Sh! cherry picked toy that will arrive to your door just as you do.  

Speedy Service

Sh! recommend to pick up and deliver your pleasure parcels quickly, reliably and discreetly (our subtle packaging means no one will have any inkling as to what's inside). To give you an idea of delivery costs to your postcode, please checkout at  SPEEDY SAMEDAY DELIVERY LONDON SAMEDAY RATE CARD This delivery option is available only to purchases made in-store, either in person or over the phone. Every toy will be checked to be working before it is sent out.

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