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Guest Blog: Corner of Pleasure by Wisp

Guest Blog: Corner of Pleasure by Wisp - Sh! Women's Store

Corner of Pleasure for intimate lifestyle by Wisp (Anna & Wan)


Sextech is technology, and technology-driven ventures, designed to enhance, innovate and disrupt in every area of human sexuality and human sexual experience.

- Cindy Gallop


Corner of Pleasure is a show that celebrates a female intimate lifestyle. Two young sextech startups will showcase their product development progress: “Sensual Jewellery” by Wisp  and “LoveNuts” by TurnMeOn. Both products focus on key elements of female arousal: sensory stimulation and personal privacy.

Sensual Jewellery: the journey of sensation

Wisp’s “Sensual Jewellery” is a collection of purposely designed jewellery, emulating sensations of light grazes, firmer touches and gently blowing breath. They communicate with the body, reacting to physical signs of arousal and are tailored to each woman's personal approach to excitement. The jewellery enables users (or wearers) to explore the full scale of their sexuality.

wisp-wan-tseng-royal-college-of-art-rca-graduate-2016-design-future-sexual-arousal-intercourse-orgasm-attitudes-changing-sexuality-_dezeen_936_4Initial user research with volunteers, that was designed to understand interactions between various objects and secondary erogenous zones, showed that women’s pursuit of intimacy is closely coupled with a desire for intimate connection.
Wisp focuses on personal exploration: we know that sensual experiences are key for women. Wisp brings an experience based on sensations and stimulation associated with a beautiful 'foreplay' atmosphere rather than purely focusing on the end goal of orgasm. They will by no means replace human interaction but act as a bridge to facilitate communication about female pleasure, a topic which still tends to be treated as a taboo.

LoveNuts: the private pleasure

LoveNuts is a quirky vibrator and flashlight that’s ready to help girls in any kind of emergency. The fully functioning flashlight serves as a disguise - your LoveNuts only becomes a vibrator when you switch it on via an app on your phone. Discretion and privacy stand in the center of LoveNuts’ design. Users can feel at ease with their intimate product as the team at TurnMeOn takes everyone’s desire for keeping private life private serious. You don't need to worry that the secret will be disclosed.

Even though people are more open minded than ever, still only 44% of women aged 18 to 60 make regular use of sex toys. TurnMeOn found out that 80% of these women strongly care about their privacy. So actually, the other 56% of women who are not playing with sex toys yet, may be willing to try it out if the scenario can be improved and all their desires being thought of.

Let’s talk about intimacy - workshops discover women’s attitudes

Wisp held several workshops to discover customers’ demand for sensual stimulation by inviting women from various age groups and different cultural backgrounds to share their experiences and desires of embracing their natural sexuality.


In the UK five women between the age of 25 and 35 shared their sexual insights with us, agreeing that being relaxed definitely helps them to get into a sexy mood. To enhance intimate experiences with a partner and stimulate mutual bodily exploration, the ambience is most important. Light and music are simple tools to create a romantic atmosphere (but be careful, music is powerful in setting the mood but can also be distracting if it reminds one of you of specific situations and people). Then it is extremely important to feel comfortable with yourself, with what you’re wearing and how physically well and fit you feel in order to have an all round good time. Women try increasingly experimental things to explore their bodies and sharing it with others comes naturally.

In Taiwan Wisp had the pleasure to talk to eight women between the age of 40 and 60, who were a bit more discreet in talking about intimacy.  From them we understood that slow and sensual  foreplay are vital for good sex. Other key elements include exchanging looks with your partner and forming a deep connection, praising him or her and feeling clean and healthy. In addition, being a little tipsy can enhance and intensify arousal.

In comparison to the Western participants Asians prefer gentler sex toys. The Taiwanese workshop participants expressed the wish for products that can guide and support their partners and that can help them being more confident during intimate moments.


Sextech will enhance your personal experiences

Design and context of sexual technology is very important. Intimacy for women is a very sensitive and complex topic and therefore it should be placed in a wider context of what it means being a women and feeling empowered in terms of your own pleasure and wellbeing.


Jewellery-like pleasure objects can discreetly spark conversations about sex, even for people who who feel shy to talk about it. It can be exciting to be asked about a curious-looking jewellery piece and then shake things up with and unexpectedly sexy answer. Eventually most women, no matter how timid, want to talk about sex or discuss their intimacy. It makes them feel less alone if they can share their experiences in a comfortable way. At the same time, jewellery appeals to a much wider audience and more women can relate to it rather than to a massive dildo.
As people seek to talk about their sexual desire  and connect over mutual experiences, as well as take charge over their own bodily pleasures, there is a big market for products that enhance intimacy and encourages as well as facilitates conversations about sex. The better you know yourself, the better you can share your longings with others and get your wishes fulfilled.


Wisp website :

Instrgam :

FB: @wispme2016

Twitter: @wisp_me


Join Wisp and TurnMeOn for a conversation about your intimacy in the Corner of Pleasure: A show celebrating the female intimate lifestyle at Sh! in Hoxton from 13 - 27 February.


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