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Pervy Calls really don't make our day...

Prank, desperate or lonely caller phones us 5+ times today, not saying anything each time, but finally, on the last call, managed to blurt out 'I love you' before hanging up...

We love you too, but probably not in the way you want!!

Gent calls up wanting to exchange his vibrating cock ring which wasn't strong enough. Unusual as the more common complaint is that cock rings are too small ( yeah - right boys ;-))

As refunds/swapsies can only be made on faulty items we have to be quite clear; Faulty is something that doesn't work not something that fails to buzz one's balls off!

Guy calls up asking  'Is it possible for me and my girlfriend to try all the toys in store?' Our respose: 'certainly!' Guy: 'I mean for free?' Oh how we laughed!

Man calls up requesting 'something long & big, like a sausage'

Our response is to suggests he calls Iceland ...


What's new Pussycat?

The newest sex toys to make our shelves...

Need any help or advice? let us know...


30 Memorable Moments at Sh! Women's Store
30 Memorable Moments at Sh! Women's Store

The good, the bad and why it's all been worth it!

Thank You - We couldn't do it without you!
Thank You - We couldn't do it without you!

I'm Ky, founder of Sh!, and I'd like to say a HUGE 'thank-you' for being part of...

Meet Team Sh! - Sh! Women's Store
Meet Team Sh!

The Pleasure Pioneers Since 1992. Whether delivering tailored advice, delivering top service, creating gorgous Sh! oen-brand range or...