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It's our Spring Giveaway: Find out more about the History of The Rabbit and Win your own!

It's our Spring Giveaway: Find out more about the History of The Rabbit and Win your own! - Sh! Women's Store
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It's time to put some spring in your step and what could be better than one of our fantastic Jessica Rabbit Vibrators.
The Rabbit was a revelation and has been described as "one of the most visible contemporary signs of active female sexuality". It was the first toy which delivered simultaneous internal and clitoral pleasure and a marked improvement on the medical looking cylindrical types or 'realistic' models that were popular at the time.

Why a Rabbit?

You might have wondered why the rabbit the mascot of sexual pleasure, maybe you thought it had something to do with the phrase 'at it like rabbits' and rabbits fabled fecundity. The truth is rather different. The original Rabbit vibrators were made in Japan – but Japanese culture frowned upon 'realistic' vibrators, so manufacturers made them in cutesy animal shapes and bright, fun colours.

So how come we ended up with the rabbit rather than the kitten or the pony?

Before the rabbit there really were a variety of weird and wonderful animal vibes including the beaver, the kangaroo and the turtle. The rabbit was partly chosen because rabbits are considered a lucky animal in Japan.
However, rabbits also had one winning advantage. The special way the rabbit ears stimulate the sides of the clitoris, where most women experience most clitoral pleasure, rather than directly on it, which often can feel  too intense to be pleasurable. Add to this the massaging sensation of the beads, which stimulate the most sensitive area inside and POW! - many women experience an amazing 'blended orgasm'.

Sh! named the 'Jessica' Rabbit

In 1992, long before Rampant or Jack hopped into the world and before the Vibratex rabbit was known in the UK, we discovered a rabbit vibrator gathering dust on a back shelf of a sex toy warehouse.  It was called 'Roger Rabbit' ( in true sex-industry double entendre!) but we renamed it 'Jessica Rabbit' and started telling the women of the UK about this amazing double stimulation vibe - Sh!’s Jessica Rabbit has been featured in hundreds of women’s magazines and TV shows.
The Rabbit had already developed a cult following by the time it appeared on Sex and the City in 1998. The Sex and the City producers visited a sex shop in New York to find out which was the best-selling vibrator of the time – the Rabbit Pearl was the runaway favourite, and it featured in one of the most popular episodes of the series. The particular genius was having Charlotte being the one to stay home with her rabbit rather than go out for cocktails. That was a real permission-giving moment, enabling all women, even the shy, romantic or slightly prudish ones who’d say, ‘I’m SO a Charlotte’, to feel fine about buying a sex toy. The Rabbit had gone mainstream!
Still not everyone was a fan, in 2008, the Attorney General of Alabama announced he was going to enforce a sex toy ban across the entire state – yikes! He believed it was immoral to use a sex toy, and he suggested that anyone caught should be arrested. In response, thousands of women began mailing their vibrators to the Attorney General’s office, and the bid to ban the Rabbit faded into obscurity.
In fact the rabbit has gone from strength to strength. It's estimated that  over five million dual-action vibrators are sold every year. Which makes it the best selling vibrator of all time!
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If you still want to find out some more about our springtime friend read our blogs on how to choose a rabbit and how to make the most out of your rabbit.

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