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All We Want for Christmas - Orsi's Wishlist

All We Want for Christmas - Orsi's Wishlist - Sh! Women's Store
There are only a few more days until Christmas, but we have a good hunch that you still have at least one person to find the right gift for. The last wishlist, from Orsi, marketing and resident magpie, may just be the thing to give you some inspiration.

Bracli Original Pearl Thong

I mean who doesn't remember those Sex and the City scenes where Samantha comes at least a dozen times by the time she reaches the top floor of a hotel wearing these beauties? I'd certainly be up for testing whether they've exaggerated about the effects. Gorgeous lace with real pearls, I wish it would already be in my underwear drawer.

Bijoux Indiscrets Desire Collar

I love the idea of wearing a bedroom accessory out in broad daylight. (Shiny gold handcuffs as bracelets, anyone?) This collar is delicate enough to not raise suspicion when worn with a white shirt or a blazer, moreover, I'd bet you could hand it over in its pretty box right in front of your in-laws as well. And don't tell me that sharing an intimate moment in front of everyone but still unnoticeable for them doesn't turn you on at least a little. You can keep the matching cufflinks for later.

Njoy Steel Fun Wand

I wouldn't be a real magpie if this stainless steel toy,  hand-polished to a mirror shine weren't on my wishlist. One of those toys that are ain't cheap but promises so much and is virtually indestructible, I've heard odes about it's G-spot stimulating  powers - and that pleasure is definitely something I'd like to get most of in 2016. Maybe I should just forward this post to my partner straight away...
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New Book Of Topping

Interestingly enough quite a few of my female mates has expressed desires lately to explore or become really good at topping. The original of this little green book became an overnight essential manual in 1994 for tops, dominants, owners, trainers, masters, mistresses et cetera and I'm sure it will serve as a fun beacon in their new exploration.

Lelo Mona Wave

Lelo have done a great job making their brand well known to the mainstream and designing fun, sleek toys you don't want to only use in the dark. The new wave variations of Mona and Ina will please you immensely with their internal values too: a¬†G-spot massager specially designed to rise and plunge, offering the well known and loved ‚Äúcome-hither‚ÄĚ motion. It was¬†an enlightening moment to first see it in motion in the shop and I can't wait for¬†it to join my toybox.

JeJoue Mimi

Beautifully designed, non-threatening and super powerful, Mimi is the gift to your sister or best friend who may have not experimented with toys much yet or just need strong clitoral stimulation to orgasm. I know I wouldn't turn my nose up should I find it under my tree on Christmas morning. A tip: just place it on your abdomen and enjoy the powerful vibrations traveling through your body and increasing the blood flow as a warm-up for solo play or getting into the mood for date night.

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