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All We Want For Christmas - Kate's Wishlist

All We Want For Christmas - Kate's Wishlist - Sh! Women's Store
Dive into this hilarious yet super informative wish list by Kate: what would she  want to fill your and her own stocking with? She works in our lovely Hoxton shop,  so she is bound to have some fun ideas.

1. Sh! Silicone Love Balls

I am absolutely convinced that the first step to a fantastic sex life is a healthy and strong Va Va Jay! Kegel exercises are not only essential to a powerful orgasm, or squeezing your partner into oblivion, they also prevent many health issues, such as a weak bladder, while lowering your risk of pelvic cancer. That's why I would like to obtain a whole truck of these purple darlings and give them away for free to every woman passing through Hoxton Square. It would be my gift to the wonderful women of London; I secretly believe that London is a troubled but dashing and fabulous girl.

2. Sh! Remote Play Egg

My sister recently became a yummy mummy. I know that she would like to get her mojo back, as it got lost between nappies, pacifiers and the nightmare of teething. This tiny, but powerful toy is a discreet and hands-free solution whenever you are in need of some extra quiet naughtiness. She just has to grab the remote and enjoy full control over the vibrations, which she can stop without a fuss and whenever she (or the crying baby) needs to - or she just can give up all control and pass the remote to her hubby!

3. The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50 by Joan Price

My mum is a beautiful, lively woman, but I think she needs a little encouragement to unleash her cougar power. This book is a full-on guide which will inspire her to find new ways to enjoy her sexual potential. Right now it's her special time, when she can focus on exploring her sexual world without any distractions. Find it in the shop!
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4. She Comes First by Ian Kerner PhD

No matter who you are or who you date - girls, boys or other fabulous creatures - this empowering guide to cunnilingus will not only let you understand better the complex miracle of every clitoris, it will allow you to communicate better, come better and lick better. And if you 're single, I would recommend starting first date sexy chit-chat with one question: "Did you read, She Comes First?" If the answer is no, you can call the cab.

5. Wirly Girly 2 Slim Dildo (in marble pink)

I am a big fan of genderless and fully inclusive sex toys. When I am buying a dildo I don't want to think about future potential partners, I want the ultimate pleasure deal - something sexy and multifunctional. That's why this bendy, cheeky little fella is everything I could ask for from Santa. Not too long for vaginal play, with soft ridges that could easily slide on the g-spot; not
too girthy for bum play and long enough to reach the male prostate. Hand poured, with a unique blend of two shades of deliciously soft silicone. And it's pink. It will fill my Christmas stocking just right.

6. Sh! Lube Liquid (250 ml)

A whole bucket of it. I am addicted to its smooth, silky texture. Extra safe for my lady garden, as it is water based, with an extra splash of glycerine that will prevent water from evaporating; so it's not getting sticky when things are getting really hot. Oh, and it's a great hand moisturiser. Seriously.

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