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Easy to Use Double Dildos

Our collection of Easy to Use Double Dildos chosen by women. Double dildos designed for double the pleasure! Body-safe materials and ergonomic designs, our double dildos come in two different styles; extra-long double-ended dildos for double penetration or sharing with a partner and strapless double dildos for harness-free strap-on sex. Read our double dildo advice to find your perfect dildo for two to share...

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  • Double-Whammy Double Dildo

Double Dildo FAQ's

Double-ended dildos are extra-long with 2 insertable ends. They can be used for double penetration (DP), but most often they're enjoyed by a couple, each taking an end.
How to use a double-ended dildo as a couple:
- Coat each end of the double-ended dildo with water-based lube before gliding into the vagina or anus.
- Partner gets up close and slides the other end of the dildo into their vagina/anus.
- Move the double dildo between yourselves using a pull me/push me motion.
- A double-ended dildo offers simultaneous pleasure as you both get to experience penetration together.

The longer and more flexible a double-ended dildo is, the easiest it is to use. Shorter, less flexible double-dildos are more about sharing sensations and less about movement. Always read the product description to see how long/bendy your dream double-ended dildo is...

Strapless dildos have different size ends and are curved U-shape. They are ‘worn’ by a woman/vagina-owner to penetrate a partner. So, how do you use a strapless double dildo?
- 'Wearer' holds the small egg-shaped end of the double dildo inside their vagina.
- They grip the narrow neck of the egg with PC muscles to keep it in place.
- External dildo extends outside of their body, ready to satisfy a partner.
- A strapless double dildo is fantastic for intimate, grinding together moves and skin-on-skin sensations.
- Also fun for gender play, giving you a conected-to-your-body shaft to penetrate your partner with...

Strapless dildos can be tricky - there's no denying it! You will need strong pelvic floor to grip the dildo, but even then, lube, juices, gravity, and body movements can create a situation where even the fittest pelvic floor cannot compete and the dildo slips out! If you find this frustrating, you can always wear your strapless in a strap-on harness

Use only water-based lube with your double-ended dildo. Clean your double dildo with a spritz of sex toy cleaner , and wipe/rinse off. Alternatively, wash the double-ended dildo with antibacterial hand wash and warm water, and leave it to air dry. Store in a fluff-free area.

Yes, every double dildo we carry is 100% body-safe and free from phthalates.

Unfortunately many mass-produced double dildos are made from dildo materials which either contain dodgy chemicals or are porous and impossible to sterilize. Sorry (not sorry) but we don't carry any toys which we believe believe to be unsafe.

Double Dildos - Sh! Women's Store

How to Use a Double Dildo?

Double dildos are dildos with 2 insertable ends. Whilst you can use a flexible, extra-long double-ended dildo for double penetration (DP), most often they are enjoyed by couples who wish to enjoy penetrative pleasure at the same time.


  • Double-ended dildos are extra-long with a shaft at each end
  • One end for you, one for your partner!
  • Sit or lie close together, with the double dildo shared between you ( vaginally and/or anally)
  • One or both of you moves the dildo in a pull/push motion.


  • Strapless double dildos are curved or U-shaped, with 2 different insertable ends.
  • Smaller egg-shaped dildo is held inside by operator's PC muscle.
  • Longer dildo extends outside for her partner to enjoy.
  • Strapless double dildos are designed for strap-on style sex with no interruption to play and nothing between you...

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