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Win a Sh! Vaginal Dilator Set

Win a Sh! Vaginal Dilator Set

This year, we're marking Vaginismus Awareness Day on September 15th with an online event providing support and advice to those living with painful sex

Tickets cost £3

Ticket proceeds will be added to the donations already made to our Pay it Forward scheme, which helps those on limited income own a Vaginal Dilator Set.

We will be awarding free sets on Vaginismus Awareness Day.

How to Enter

Having Vaginismus can feel like the loneliest place in the world, we know. We also know that sharing stories and experiences can help conquor the feelings of isolation, so associated with painful sex.

So we're asking for you story, in your own words.
It can be as short or long as you like. In whatever form you like. from whatever and there's no bonus points for posh-writing!

We'll share your story on (anonymously of course, if you prefer) to raise awareness of how Vaginismus impacts lives and to help other sufferers not feel so alone...

We welcome stories from everbody. Perhaps you're just starting out on your journey, or have gone through treatment, or are supporting someone else with Vaginismus?

If you would like to be entered into the draw to be awarded a Vaginal Dilator Set, just let us know. We do ask that you or the person you're supporting have sought diagnosis and treatment, as self-diagnosis is not recommended.

To contribute your story or find out more, please email:


“I suffered from Vaginismus for 10 years and it was a big contributing factor in the end of my marriage. I felt so ashamed, alone, unworthy, and less of a woman. The struggle completely changed my life. Thankfully I am on the other side with the help of physical therapy, sex therapists, supportive friends, and a loving partner.  I’m selling my old wedding ring and would like to donate...”

Dilating Kit with Rechargeable Bullet
Sh! Vaginal Dilator Set
Recommended by Health Proffessionals & Therapits accross the UK

The Sh! Dilator Set is now recommended by doctors and therapists all over the UK.

Join us for the special Vaginismus Awareness Event on the 15th of September

An educational and empowering private event, hosted online by Sh! Sex Educator Evie Fehilly, focusing on how to transition from shame and stigma to a fulfilled and pleasurable sex life.   

With guests: 

  • Lisa Mackenzie, co-founder of the Vaginismus Network, a community for people with Vaginismus which raises awareness of the condition, and connects, supports and empowers those living with it.
  • Sarah Berry, an experienced sex & relationship therapist who helps individuals, couples and groups overcome, manage and better understand all issues across the gender, sex and relationship fields, including Vaginismus, which she specialises in.   

Tickets are £3 and ALL proceeds will go to the Dilator Pay It Forward Scheme. 

Book your ticket to the virtual Vaginismus Awareness Event here. Spaces are limited so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

*Those on limited income, please contact Sh! for free ticket

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