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Sh!: Official Probe Distributors to EEC

Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium and Davryan Laboratories, Inc. have collaborated to bring Probe Personal Lubricants to the European Community. In addition to offering Probe personal lubricants in its line-up of quality erotic products for individual customers, Sh! now offers Probe direct to wholesale companies in the EC. Laboratory tested to mimic the body's own lubrication, Probe lubricant is a firm favourite amongst Sh! customers and staff alike for its natural texture and odourless, tasteless, non-irritating formula. Probe lubricant is the most natural lubricant on the market; safe for vaginal, anal and sex toy play.  It’s also safe for oral use, as its harmless if swallowed. Probe is a water-based, PH-neutral blend of simple ingredients & citrus preservative. It is particularly recommended to women prone to thrush or those who are sensitive to other lubricants. Kathryn Hoyle MD comments. “Probe lubricant is one of our top 25 best-selling products. Since we first started importing it directly from Davryan 15 years ago, it has been consistently a very popular product that is often requested by name.  We have grown into being the EEC’s largest importer of Probe, so it’s a natural step to offer it up to a wider wholesale market. Buying Probe direct from Sh! means you can offer your customers this unique lubricant without the trouble of trans-Atlantic import” Probe lubricant is currently in stock at Sh! HQ warehouse in East London and ready for immediate dispatch. Contact for further information. Probe Silky Light: designed to mimic human saliva & provide a silky, thin layer of lubrication for direct sensation of skin surfaces. For those who enjoy feeling ridges & convolutions while gliding over skin. Available in 250ml & 75ml. Probe Thich Rich is designed to mimic women's fertile mucous & provide a thick, substantial layer of lubrication between skin surfaces. For those who enjoy the sensation of effortless movement. Available in 250ml & 75ml

Notes to Editors:

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium was the very first shop of its kind to open for women, by women in 1992. The mission was simple: to create a safe, welcoming environment in which women can shop guilt-free for good quality playthings.

Everyone is offered a cup of tea when they come in and the knowledgeable and friendly Sh! Girlz aim to make information about sex accessible to all, old or young of whatever sexual persuasion, background or culture. They do welcome men, but only if escorted by a woman.

Sh! were the first to launch the ‘Jessica Rabbit’ well before it debuted in ‘Sex and The City’, and the founder, Kathryn Hoyle has been a regular spokesperson promoting the ethos behind the store and the brand and has even been to 10 Downing Street to attend an Aids Awareness Event.

Sh! set up its very own research and development department and works with many NHS trusts offering advice and help on women’s health care, particularly at post-surgery dilation stage.

Sh! host plenty of different nights and events at their London store ranging from workshops, art and photography exhibitions, literary readings and much more.

To find out more about the events on offer at this amazing emporium visit the website

To speak with the Shop Manager regarding promotions, events, to interview Kathryn Hoyle or to simply find out more about the ‘Gents nights’ or other products please contact: or phone 0207 613 54 58

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium:

Stores: 57 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6HD

Unit 4, 253 Portobello Road, W11 1LR (corner Lancaster Road)

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