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Help Sh! write a sensual story!

Help Sh! write a sensual story!
Hey there lovely people!
Did you know that the 9th of August is Book Lovers Day?  Well, we are certainly lovers of some finely crafted erotica. So we're going to celebrate in style with a sexy story.

Which we'd like you to write for us.

Here's the deal. We will start you off with a few lines from Team Sh! (which we have slaved over for your erotic enjoyment). Then you add your line (or however much you like, write until your inspiration runs out) in the blog comments, hopefully by Tuesday we will have a full story straight from the Sh! hive mind.

And if you're interested in writing something a little longer? Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Sh! September Stories Erotic Writing Competition.

'It was raining hard when Ella emerged from Sh!, bag in hand. She'd never visited a, and even her own head she felt compelled to whisper the words, *sex shop* before. And now she had really, she glanced at the bag, really quite a lot of sex toys. She felt a flutter in her stomach that was part nerves part excitement...' - CG
'Although, the flutter in her stomach was nothing compared to the twitching that was going on in her down below. It was as if her muff had taken on a life of it's own, twitching and clenching and...getting moist... She found herself blushing...' - RD
'Looking around in case anyone could tell how aroused she was she ducked into a bar get out of the rain to catch her breath. The bar was quiet & she felt comfortable enough to let her mind wander, inspired by the feelings between her legs...' - AB
' ... she ducked into the safety of the Ladies room, thankfully deserted. Carefully unpacking her purchases, Ella squeezed each one through the tissue-wrapping to identify the plaything she was looking for a hot pink rabbit...' - KHjessica-rabbit-sh
'...she found it and immediately felt an electric bolt in her c***, Ella's
breathing became heavier and her imagination flew with the throbbing between her legs. Her hand dove down to her clit and gently started stroking herself, quickening and moaning, her muscles began to stiffen as the journey to the cresting wave was properly underway....' - SW

Over to you: What happens next?


What's new Pussycat?

The newest sex toys to make our shelves...

Need any help or advice? let us know...


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