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The Vaginismus Network Meet Up

The Vaginismus Network Meet Up - Sh! Women's Store

We are delighted to announce details of The Vaginismus Network (VN)'s next meet up, happening in-store on Friday 02 August!

This will be a relaxed, friendly and safe space to connect with other people who have vaginismus over a glass of bubbles (non-alcoholic if preferred). VN founders Kat and Lisa will host a relaxed and honest question and answer session with resident Psychosexual Therapist, Sarah Berry, on all related topics, as all three have first-hand experience of living with the condition.

Our store manager, Renée Denyer, will be on hand to explain exactly how Sh! can help sufferers and why many GPs and psychotherapists choose to refer patients to us. If that wasn't enough, the fab Co-Active Coach, Audrey Cairo, will be making a guest appearance to share her experience with vaginismus as someone who has grown up with it:

"Vaginismus has been part of my story that has shaped me in various ways.  While coaching people to get back their agency I hope to open my practice to women with similar challenges to build their confidence, their own self worth and step into their beauty & sexuality."

You can read more about Audrey's journey here. There is no reason to suffer in silence if you are affected by vaginismus. Come along, enjoy a complimentary goody bag and have a chat!


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