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Sex Drive Presents: The Solo Sex Salon

Sex Drive Presents: The Solo Sex Salon - Sh! Women's Store
Pull up to the bumper and join author and pleasure pioneer Stephanie Theobald and friends for a pleasure gathering and a fantastic voyage into your own body.
LISTEN to the “Masturbation Narration Cabaret” for humorous and compelling stories of first-time forays.
UNCOVER the secrets behind the foundation of female sexuality
LEARN the difference between fast food and haute cuisine pleasure.
PRIZES! The best solo sex story will win a bronze clitoris necklace made by the Parisian jeweller Ann Larue
DISCOUNTS! Make the most of the generous pleasure-product discount that will be offered to guests on the night. Treat yourself or a friend to a gift that will keep on giving (hint: it comes with deep, thrilling throbs)...

Where: Sh! 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB
When: Monday 16th October | 6pm
Tickets: £10 | Book your ticket for The Solo Sex Salon Here

*Vulva-owners only.
*No audience participation or public self-pleasuring required!
*Includes: Welcome drink, Witch Rap and goddess cards.

More About Stephanie Theobald & Sex Drive

Stephanie TheobaldStephanie Theobald is an author and journalist for the Guardian, Elle and the Sunday Times.  She is known for her playful and thoughtful work around sexuality and Gonzo Feminism.
Sex Drive is a road trip memoir about the incredible places masturbation can take you. Stephanie is crowdfunding the book through Unbound -- visit to help make it happen!
“Betty,” I say as an after-thought. “Do you think that San Francisco is the Clitoris of America?” Betty Dodson gives me a dirty look. “San Francisco might be the clitoris,” she growls. “But New York is the grounding dildo.”

excerpt from SEX DRIVE

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