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Navigating Sex at Uni

Navigating Sex at Uni - Sh! Women's Store

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University is often presented as the ‘best time of your life,’ particularly when it comes to sex. Rumour has it that everyone is sleeping with everyone and everyone is having multiple orgasms a day. Most people find that the reality is very different and navigating sex and intimacy in this environment can often be a lot more complicated than they’d assumed. Have you started uni recently or are about to start and are a little overwhelmed or unsure about what awaits.

University can be an amazing time and there’s no reason why you should be having a fulfilled and amazing sex life as well as getting the grades.

Join us for a friendly and informative evening:

It might not count towards your degree grade but it’ll be the most rewarding class of your university life.

Add orgasms and pleasure to your syllabus. Whether you’re in your final year or a fresher, this is the extra-curricular activity you do not want to miss. During this friendly, informative evening, our ex-student sexperts, along with the wonderful people from KCL Sexpression, will be answering all your questions about navigating sex and intimacy while at uni. We will take you through everything there is to know. From one-night stands to long-distance relationships we’ve done it, seen it, got the degree certificate to prove it. There is no topic that we will shy away from, so if there is anything you are curious or concerned about this is your chance to have it answered. 

As well as a panel discussion, which will be structured around questions you’ve sent in advance, and a Q&A in case there is anything we didn’t cover, this evening will also include tips and techniques to teach you all about the pleasure spots and erogenous zones. Ditch the late nights in the library and learn how to have mind-blowing all-nighters in the bedroom!

Following the class, the shop will be open for 30 minutes afterward to give you the opportunity to shop with a 20% discount on all your purchases.

Email address for questions:


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