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Guys Guide to Giving Pleasure

Guys Guide to Giving Pleasure - Sh! Women's Store

We’d got as far as hand in my pants for all of LITERALLY 20 seconds and he said “are you close?”


Does this sound like a sexual counter you’ve experienced? Or maybe several?

With the Orgasm Gap between straight men and women found to be 52%, (i.e. 91% of straight, cis men have orgasms during sex in comparison to 39% of their female partners), it’s very apparent that our partners are struggling to know what to do in the bedroom. And is it really that surprising when mainstream porn acts as our primary source of sex “education"? The very unrealistic portrayals of female pleasure depicted, when applied IRL, tend to have quite a low success rate.

But, far from women being less able to orgasm, it’s more a case of women needing stimulation differently to men.

For the past 27 years, we have spoken to thousands and thousands of female customers, and we have gathered a lot of information about female pleasure. Not only have we been passing on the not-so-secrets of orgasms to customers who visit the shop looking for help or advice, but also through our very popular classes such as our guide to female orgasms, Orgasmic! We think this information should be made readily available to all women and those that love them, and for this reason, we have created a Guys Guide to Female Pleasure, Arousal & Orgasm class.

Society doesn't really allow men to ask for help in the bedroom...there’s a lot of stigma (and perhaps ego) to overcome for this to happen. In an effort to emphasise the need for pleasure-focused sex ed for all genders, we'd like you to send us your stories of sex that could have been oh-so-much better had your partner attended our class beforehand... (like the one mentioned at the beginning of this blog post).

We’re hoping to share these experiences anonymously on our social media platforms to foster conversations about the Orgasm Gap, thus encouraging more men to partake in our education movement. No one should be expected to be an amazing lover right off bat, so let’s normalise people seeking out some guidance from those who really know how! (Hint: Like us! :P )

Email us your true stories (100 words max) to and whilst you're at it, why not send the link to our Guys Guide class to any guy you think might need it; you'll be doing him and his future lovers a huge favour - unless you are planning on bedding him yourself, in which case you'll get to reap what you sow!


If you submit a story, we will give you a 10% discount off a future Sh! class, so if you really want to invest in your pleasure long-term, why not gift him a sex ed class like no other?

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