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Florence Schechter Presents: Why The World Needs A Vagina Museum

Florence Schechter Presents: Why The World Needs A Vagina Museum - Sh! Women's Store
Did you know that there's a penis museum in Iceland?  (Maybe a bit far to travel for a look at phalluses seeing as so many just slide into DM's on a daily basis, but that's not the point.) And did you know that there is no vagina equivalent anywhere in the world?
[caption id="attachment_41920" align="alignright" width="300"]Florence-Schechter Florence-Schechter - photo by Nicole Rixon[/caption] Cue Florence Schechter - superwoman extraordinarie, with a vision of bringing vulvae & vaginas to the world! She decided to create the world's first bricks & mortar museum dedicated to vaginas, vulvas and the gynaecological anatomy; the Vagina Museum!
Join us for an enlightening evening of vag-and-museum-talk with the fabulous Florence, where she'll present a talk on "Why The World Needs A Vagina Museum" and discusses why she chose to set up the world’s first bricks and mortar museum dedicated to the vulvas, vaginas and the gynaecological anatomy, and the strange reactions she’s received along the way.
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More About The Vagina Museum

By opening their first premises, the Vagina Museum can host an outreach programme that includes supporting healthy and inclusive sex and relationships education, engaging with doctors and other medical professionals to provide better services and supporting the trans and intersex communities. A packed events programme will include talks, panels, workshops, classes, comedy nights, performances and so much more!
In support of the Museum’s mission, the V.M crew have created an advisory and board of trustees that includes a hugely diverse group of people from all walks of life including medical professionals; scientists; academics in gender studies, literature and history of sex work; curators; activists working in LGBT+ rights, fighting FGM and supporting people in poverty who menstruate; and sex educators. [caption id="attachment_41925" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Jasmine-Evans---photo-by-Nicole-Rixon Jasmine-Evans-photo by Nicole-Rixon[/caption]
But to make this great (and time-sensitive) opportunity a reality, the Vagina Museum Crew need your help to do it and have launched a crowdfunder to make the dream a reality - find out more and donate here > Vagina Museum Crowdfunding.

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