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Festive Reading Slam at Sh! | Fri 18th Dec | 6-8pm | FREE!

Festive Reading Slam at Sh! | Fri 18th Dec | 6-8pm | FREE! - Sh! Women's Store
Baby, it may be cold outside, but the temperature is definitely rising as we cordially invite you to the launch  Sticky Fingers and Warm Leatherette, the hot new erotic novel  by  feminist, deviant, Zak Jane Keir.

Friday 18th December, 6-8pm - join us for an erotica evening of  stories to tantalize, sensual shopping & drinkies too!

Zak Jane Keir will be joined by top erotic authors  Kristina Lloyd, Helen J Perry, Meg Philip and Janine Ashbless who will delight and arouse by reading aloud selected snippets from their sexy stories.
Refreshments will be served and the evening promises to be a fantastically festive occasion, so gather your friends and join us!
In between the ear-tingling fun & frolics, there will be plenty of time to browse.
Treat yourself to a plaything to help combat seasonal stress or discover perfect last-minute gifts for your partner, sister or friends.. 

About the top British erotic writers, who will be reading on the night

Zak Jane Keir has been writing about sex and sexuality for over 20 years.
Her books include Black Heart, The Switch, and she has published many short stories.
Zak's latest collection, Sticky Fingers and Warm Leatherette, is being launched in December. She also runs Dirty Sexy Words, a regular erotica slam in South London.
Kristina LloydKristina Lloyd writes erotic fiction about sexually submissive women who like it on the dark, dirty and dangerous side. She is the author of five novels, including the controversial Black Lace bestseller, Asking for Trouble, a dark, psychological thriller dubbed ‘awesome’ by top-selling crime writer Elizabeth Haynes.
Kristina’s short stories appear in numerous UK and US anthologies, and her work has been translated into German, Dutch and Japanese. Her first short story collection, On My Knees, was published in 2015. She has a master’s degree in twentieth century literature and lives by the sea in Brighton, UK. Visit her at
Books on Amazon
Deviant By Helen J PerryHelen J Perry is a middle-aged, pink-haired feminist with sex on her mind, most of the time.
She writes erotica and erotic romance, often with a science fiction flavour.
Her most recent books, Arrival and Deviant, are set in a brothel for women in a Matriarchal dystopia.
Read more at Helen J Perry's Blog here
CoverHimwDarknessJanine Ashbless has been seeing her books in print ever since 2000, when her first collection of short stories, Cruel Enchantment, was published by Black Lace (Virgin Books).
Her novels, single-author collections and many short stories have now seen publication by Black Lace, Nexus, Cleis Press, Ravenous Romance, Harlequin Spice, Storm Moon, Xcite, Mischief Books, Samhain and Ellora’s Cave amongst others.
Janine is co-editor of the nerd erotica anthology Geek Love and was alarmed to find what how ruthless and demanding she was in that role.
Visit her at

And - if you need a teeny-tiny bit more, here's a tempting teaser...

A Dice Evening

FREE erotica, by Zak Jane Keir.

The first few rounds were moderately tame, with everyone choosing truths rather than dares: Malorie sharing the fact that she’d had two or three girl on girl experiences, Harry describing the loss of his virginity, and Brandon confessing that he’d once fallen asleep only seconds after coming, to the annoyance of his partner at the time.

Cath was, predictably, the first to opt for a dare when the dice gave her the highest score. Low scorer was Ricky, who smirked through his blond moustache in a way that Malorie knew meant something fiendish was coming.

“Got any ice in the freezer?” he asked, and when Cath admitted that there was plenty, he dared her to get an ice cube and slip it into her knickers. Cath disappeared into the kitchen and emerged with a little china bowl containing several cubes of ice and a little water. She set it down on the coffee table and extracted one dripping cube, which she popped into her mouth for a moment and then withdrew. She was wearing a white miniskirt to show off her tanned legs, and hitched it up to reveal that all she had on underneath was a white satin thong. With one hand, she tugged the front of it aside, showing off a shaven pussy that was as tanned as the rest of her – Harry and Cath were fond of swinger and naturist holidays in hot climates – and slowly ran the ice cube over her bare mound.

“Whoo, that’s cold!” she squealed, and Harry laughed. “Not often you get anything cold up there, is it love?”

With a succession of little squeaks and gasps, Cath slipped the piece of ice between her pussy lips and pulled her underwear back into place. She rose up on the tips of her toes for a moment, shivering, and then giggled. “Well, it’s different!”

“Roll again,” Ricky said, and they did. This time Jem scored high, and Harry low. The older man licked his lips and said, “Truth or dare, Jem, mate?”

“Dare,” said Jem, a little nervously.

“OK, get the ice cube without using your hands.”

This, Malorie knew, was a pivotal moment, at least for Jem, if not for the whole party. If he bailed out, then Cath and Harry were experienced enough to smooth over any social awkwardness, but it would have set a limit on the evening’s fun: no actual swingy-swappy sex-with-someone-other-than-your-date stuff for the newbies, please, and probably none in front of them.

Jem was up to the challenge, though. With one cautious but gleeful glance in Tiffany’s direction, he got up from his seat and went down on his knees in front of Cath, who obligingly raised her skirt again, and stood with her legs as far apart as she could comfortably manage in her high-heeled sandals. Jem carefully took a grip on the sidestrap of the thong with his teeth and began pulling it down. Once it was clear of her quim, he turned his head to one side, opened his mouth and began to probe with his tongue. Malorie raised herself up, resting her arms on Ricky’s knee, so she could get a clearer view of what was going on, and realised, as she brushed the front of his jeans with her elbow, that Ricky was getting erect. She wondered if Harry and Brandon were, as well, as she could feel a little dampness in her own quim by now. Cath, eyes closed, was clenching and unclenching her fists as Jem teased the ice cube free of her pussy and finally sucked it into his mouth. He stood up again, sucking the ice and then crunching it, as Cath planted herself on Harry’s lap and gave her husband a long, lingering kiss.

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