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Dorrie Lane: Female Ejaculation

Dorrie Lane: Female Ejaculation - Sh! Women's Store
The Vulva-lution is here!
Led by Dorrie Lane, pioneering sex educator specialising in female sexual response, this evening will focus on female ejaculation: the facts, the myths and the secrets to making this happen for you!
Spaces are limited and we anticipate it'll sell out quickly.

Join Us!

Where: Sh! 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB
When: Thursday 19th October at 6:30pm
Price: £5 (includes bubbles & cake!)
Book Your Ticket Here: Dorrie at Sh! 
Dorrie Lane, a pioneer in sex-positive sex education classes since the 1980’s used her vision, her video camera, and her Wondrous Vulva Puppet to bring revolutionary information to women and men ready to go beyond mainstream assumptions.
Dorrie was one of the first to provide clear, direct, factual education at a time when few people had never even heard of the fabulous possibilities in the wide range of women's sexual response. Her company, HouseOchicks produced some of the first “edutainment” videos, billed as, Sex through the Eyes of Women with titles that include, the Magic of Female Ejaculation, How to Find Your Goddess Spot, and the fabulous Masturbation Memoirs, featuring erotic luminaries Annie Sprinkle, Juliet Anderson (aka Aunt Peg), Scarlot Harlot, Dorrie Lane and many more.
She created the very first Sex Education online site in 1996, Vulva University, providing essential, award winning, free classes on women’s sexuality with intelligent and thoughtful information, designed by women, for women and those that love them.
She created the Wondrous Vulva Puppet in 1992 and continues to produce them today.
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Fancy getting your hands on a plush Wondrous Vulva? (Every home, school and Doctor's office should have one!) Get yours in our shop at 57 Hoxton Square, or order one online. Each Vulva is lovingly handmade and utterly unique - much a like a human vulva. :)

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