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Corner of Pleasure Exhibition

Corner of Pleasure Exhibition - Sh! Women's Store

We are excited to announce the Corner of Pleasure: a collection of female intimate objects presented by Wisp & TurnMeOn!

wisp-wan-tseng-royal-college-of-art-rca-graduate-2016-design-future-sexual-arousal-intercourse-orgasm-attitudes-changing-sexuality-_dezeen_936_4In this exhibition we are going to display the innovative prototypes and design processes of two new sextech startups. The exhibited works at Corner of Pleasure will give you some insights into the field of sextech and provide you with inspiration for intimate moments: sensory stimulation and personal privacy.

Discover your personal intimate lifestyle for Valentine's Day!

Corner of Pleasure: Sensual Talk, 19 Feb at 3 pm

The designer and visionary of Wisp, Wan Tseng, will share her insights on how design interacts with female intimacy and why she developed a jewellery collection instead of another dildo.

“Sensual Jewellery” by Wisp.

Enhancing intimacy -  the journey of sensations

Sextech wearables, including delicately designed silicone jewelry, emulating the sensation of light grazes, firmer touches and gently blowing breath. Sensual jewellery is designed for personal exploration. The modules can emulate secret hints of a flirt on your neck or arm and can be an exciting opportunity for public play.

Find out more about Wisp:

Wisp website :

Instagram :

FB: @wispme2016

Twitter: @wisp_me

“LoveNuts” by TurnMeOn

Fun design for disguise - private pleasure

LoveNutslovenut is a quirky sex toy and flashlight that’s ready to help you in ANY kind of emergency. The design and function of a flashlight serves as a disguise - your LoveNuts only becomes a vibrator when you switch it on via an app on your phone. Every woman deserves to enjoy her private sexual life. LoveNuts is a secret partner for women.

Find LoveNuts on Facebook here. 

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